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Meet Jenessa, Public Relations Manager of Love Your Melon!

If you haven't heard of Love Your Melon yet, then you need to get it together because this apparel brand is doing amazing things. They have a crew at Buffalo State and I had the pleasure of interviewing their Public Relations Manager, Jenessa! 

Name: Jenessa Sheridan

Age: 20

Major: Early Childhood Education 

Hometown: Orchard Park, NY

When did Love Your Melon begin? Is it a national brand or just in Buffalo? 

"Love Your Melon was actually created in 2012 by Zach and Brian, sophomores at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul Missouri. Zach and Brian were in an entrepreneurship class, and for a project, developed the idea of giving a hat to every child battling cancer. The idea took off, and here we are today. The Buffalo State Love Your Melon Campus Crew was established on February 14, 2016 by Riley Chapman, Emily Naum, and Victoria Rigler. Our lovely founders came together and started our crew from scratch, recruiting students and figuring things out as they went. Love Your Melon has approximately 740 Campus Crews across the country spreading brand-awareness, and over 11,000 college students involved in the story."

Tell us more about Love Your Melon? Is it a recognized organization on campus?

"Love Your Melon is an apparel brand run by college students across the nation, on a mission to give a hat to every child battling pediatric cancer. For every beanie that is purchased, LYM donates one to a child battling cancer, as well as donating 50% of all net proceeds to their nonprofit partners in the fight against pediatric cancer. Campus Crews spread the word about Love Your Melon on our campus and around our community. When people make purchases from Love Your Melon and select our Crew at checkout, we get "credits". When we've reached certain credit levels, we are then sent beanies and have the privilege of taking them to our local hospital, and doing donation events.We are not yet a recognized organization on campus, but are actively working towards it!  

What made someone want to bring Love Your Melon to Buffalo State? 

"As Love Your Melon was gaining popularity and our founders learned more about it, they felt compelled to start our very own crew at Buffalo State so that we could join the story. It is such an incredible company, and an opportunity to work hands on with children in the fight of their lives. Having the ability to put a smile on the face of a child who is fighting for their life, is extremely rewarding. I think that a lot of crew members most enjoy the fact that through this program, we have the ability to truly make a difference. We get the chance to meet incredible families who are undergoing terrible times, and we are able to spend the day with them, and forget about those troubles for just a little while." 

What is your favorite thing about Love Your Melon?

"The most important thing to remember about Love Your Melon is the impact that it has on the families and children fighting this battle. In October our crew had a "Superhero Day" with a 5 year old named Addison who has been battling Leukemia since she was 2. Addison and her family came to Buffalo State where we spent the day playing some of her favorite sports, making crafts, eating ice cream, and doing a whole lot of laughing. Addison's parents expressed how grateful they were, and how much of an impact we made on their life. It is this exact reason why our crew loves what we do, and why Love Your Melon is so important. We get to impact the lives of these families directly, and shine just a little bit of light during their dark times. "

How can someone get involved with the brand? 

"Getting involved with the brand is easy. Whether you want to work hands on and be a part of the Crew here at Buffalo State, or simply support our crew, the first step to getting involved is purchasing your first beanie. The LYM beanies are the staple, and what has gotten this company to where it is now. The beanies are offered in several styles: Cuffed, Beanie, and Pom Beanie. There are new releases every single Monday, and so many beanies to choose from! "

What are the social media accounts for Love Your Melon?

"Love Your Melon's official instagram is simply Love Your Melon (same with Facebook). The website is loveyourmelon.com."

Instagram: BuffStateLYMCrew

Facebook: Buffalo State Love Your Melon Campus Crew

Twitter: @BSCLYMCrew

Alexandra Whitehead is a Senior at SUNY at Buffalo State. Originally from Virginia, she is majoring in Fashion Textile and Techonology with a concentration in Merchandising. She also has a minor in Theatre. Alexandra is a big advocate for the arts, taking great pleasure in literature, performing, and media arts. She also loves traveling and experiencing new things. In the Fall of 2014, she had the great opportunity to study abroad in London at Regents University. It was an amazing experience that taught her so much about herself and the different cultures around her. When she graduates, Alexandra aspires to be a film/television actress, owner of a eco-friendly fashion boutique, and owner of an animal rescue that saves feral cats and kittens from the streets. 
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