Meet Dr. Anthony Chase!

Dr. Chase is the Assistant Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities. He also serves as a professor, teaching a couple of courses in the Theatre Department. Dr. Chase is a wonderful and well-respected person at Buffalo State. We are so grateful he took the time to answer some questions for us!


HC Buff State: Why did you choose to work at Buffalo State? 

Dr. Chase: The opportunity to work at Buffalo State arose when I was a graduate student, and further opportunities here arose subsequently, which kept me here.

​HC Buff State: What's the most challenging aspect of your job? 

Dr. Chase: Finding the time to finish everything I have to do.

​HC Buff State: What's the most rewarding part of your job?

Dr. Chase: Seeing the success of our students.

​HC Buff State: What advice would you give to current/incoming students?

Dr. Chase: Become as involved as you can. Learn from everything you do. Don’t treat your education like a check list of required tasks, but as a varied mix of enriching opportunities. This plan will invite success.

​HC Buff State: What has been your favorite class to teach here?

Dr. Chase: My current class is almost always my favorite class. At the moment, it is Theater History I: Antiquity to the Baroque.  The students are bright, engaged, and enthusiastic.  Preparing for and going to my class is a pleasure for me.