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James Cornelius ’15

Name: James Cornelius

Status: Senior

Graduation year: 2015

Age: 24

Major criminal justice

Quote to live by: “see it through”

If you could have any super power what would it be: Hulk strength



HC Buff state: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

James: My biggest inspiration is my Mother.


HC Buff state: What things have you done or organizations are you a part of on campus and what have you learned from them?

James: I am a member of Omega Psi PHI fraternity and I learned how to live unselfishly through the frat. I am a transfer student from miles college in Birmingham, Al after our team was placed on suspension I came home to attend Buff State.


HC Buff state: What are your best and worst experiences while attending buff state?

James: Joining my fraternity.


HC Buff state: Can you describe your experience here at buff state?  

James: Little.


HC Buff state: What do you hope to do when you graduate?

James: When I graduate I am going to the airforce.


HC Buff state: What is your motivation to continue on as a student here at buff state?

James: My biggest motivation is graduating.


HC Buff state: Do you have any advice to females here at buff state?

James: Stay focused.  Don’t let your social life become your priority.


All of us here at Her Campus Suny Buff State would like wish James all the best of luck on his future goals!

 Brittany Windham is a Senior at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY. She is studying Fashion Design with a concentration in Apparel Design. She is a New York City native with a love for the arts and anything that allows her to express her creativity. She is a published poet and a member of the Chi Alpha Epsilon Honors Society. She has worked alongside artist, designers, and students in New York City to promote environmental awareness through art with her participation in Digital Day Camp through the Eyebeam team. She is currently a member of the Orange Crush team on her campus and she one day aspires to have her own online store which recycles and reuses old accessories and clothing to create new ones.
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