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Interview Style: Where To Shop!

The interviewing process is a nerve-racking experience! There are so many things to prepare for and surprisingly what you wear is a big part of it! They say dress for the job you want not the job you have, which sort of makes sense because I'm an unemployed college student who mostly wears sweatpants. And from the many movies I've seen, sweats aren't exactly "work wear." But what does that saying actually mean? Because, I know I can't wear sweatpants but I probs shouldn't be wearing my senior prom gown either! But, hey! What if the job I want is to be a Princess!? All jokes aside, there are some awesome brands that are known for their sleek, work wear. J.Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, etc. Unfortunately, those stores usually end up costing an arm and a leg! Lucky for you guys, I've found a couple of places where you can get the same kind of work wear for wayyyy less!

Forever 21 has a reputation for club clothes and fashion forward trends. However, they also have clothes that are perfect for making a good impression at an interview without making your bank account cry. Most of their “business casual” clothing is under the tag Contemporary or Love 21 brand. Listed below are some pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe to make your style interview ready!

1.     Contemporary Classic Boyfriend Blazer ($24.80)

2.     Contemporary Speckled Pencil Skirt ($19.80)

3.     Contemporary V-Cut Woven Trousers ($19.90)

4.     Contemporary Butterfly Print Keyhole Top ($17.90)

5.     Contemporary Flat-Front Chinos ($14.90)

6.     Contemporary Tie-Front Chiffon Blouse ($19.80)


H&M, just like Forever 21, has a lot of inexpensive business casual wear as well. For someone who usually has trouble finding things in H&M, I’ve found several chic yet professional pieces to style for an interview. 

1.     Jersey Jacket ($34.99)

2.     Slacks ($34.99)

3.     Jersey Jacket ($34.99)

4.     Crêpe Blouse ($19.99)

In my opinion, Old Navy has upgraded so much in the past couple of years. They’ve taken on more of a classic J.Crew style for a fraction of the price and I absolutely love it! Old Navy use to just be the place to get my Fourth of July tank tops, but now you can get so many great pieces! Listed below are some of my favorite pieces I found!

1.     Patterned Midi Pencil Skirt ($9.97)

2.     Classic Fox Print Shirt ($14.97)

3.     Women’s Eyelet-Trim Shift Dress ($39.00)

4.     Jersey Blazer ($20.00)

5.     Mid-Rise Harper Trousers ($27.00)

Brace yourself because Kohl’s has a Lauren Conrad line that is absolute perfection. LC is like the poster child for chic professional styles. So her line is a must when looking for new pieces for business wear. These pieces are a bit pricierm, but keep in mind that most Kohl’s have constant in-store and online sales! So, these prices are not final. Usually her line is 30%-50% off in my local Kohl’s!

1.     LC Crepe Blouse ($30.80) + Floral Circle Skirt ($35.00)

2.     LC Open-Work Fit & Flare Dress ($24.00)

3.     LC Runway Collection Lace-Trim Top ($17.60)

4.     LC Runway Collection High-Waist Soft Pants ($19.20)

5.     LC Ponte Blazer ($44.99)

One of my favorite things about interview clothes is that you don’t have to wear boring things to look professional. While sticking to neutrals is usually the way to go, you can mix in different patterns and colors to show off your personal style whilst looking the part!

Katlyn McNamara is a senior at Buffalo State College. She studies Public Relations and runs for their Cross Country and Track & Field team. With a big background in theatre her dream job is to move out to LA and be an actress. Before heading out to LA she would like to be a performer at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. Along the way she would like to create her own non-profit organization to help animals as well as anyone in need. She has a passion for blogging and social media and has her own YouTube Channel. Fun facts about Katlyn: her nickname is Kat, her rolemodel is Lauren Conrad, guilty pleasure tv show is the House Wives and her favorite season is Autumn. 
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