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Girl Code: To Sweats or not to Sweats

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Buff State chapter.


As a fashion student even I know that when wearing sweats one must proceed with caution, one must avoid all possible hot spots where people gather, and virtually breeze quickly in and out to avoid running in to your campus crush. But what happens when it’s a lazy day and you just need to throw something on to go grab a quick bite at the dinning hall? What happens if you are feeling a little under the weather and not in the mood to sort through your closet looking for an outfit? What I’m trying to say is; Are sweats really a fashion faux pax?

Personally I think not. Just as long as you look put together sweats shouldn’t really be a fashion no no. Thanks to Juicy Couture, H &M, Victoria’s Secret and countless other stores who strive to make us look cute and comfy, sweats can actually look  good dear I say hott. Let us not forget what accessories can do for us!  A cute scarf, leather jacket, nice watch, cool shades can definitely play your sweats look up. There are even different kinds of sweats to wear, so there are definitely options.

There might be a difference between looking like this:


or like this:



But In my opinion, I believe if you are confident in whatever you wear then that is the ultimate definition of style. So ladies out there, wear your sweats however you feel just make sure they are stain free and hole free, because if not then we will have another case on our hands!



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Diana Onuoha

Buff State

My name is Diana Onuoha, I am a junior at Buffalo State with majors in Fashion Merchandising and French Language. I love culture, modeling, writing, and people and of course fashion. I hope to someday work in the fashion industry but I am not certain what department exactly. I am currently running for miss New York 2014 and i'm super excited to where the road leads from here. Feel free to contact me with any ideas, if you need a runway model, or just to say hi. Merci!