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Girl Code: The “C.B” and How To Deal With It

Hello ladies. I’m pretty sure that you’ve all gone out with a group of your girlfriends somewhere and experienced that moment where you were trying to ‘get to know’ or possibly ‘flirt’ and get the number of a guy but sadly one of your girlfriends ‘C.B’d’ or ‘C-blocked’ and totally screwed up the moment!
For those of you who don’t know what ‘C-block’ or ‘C.B’ refers to, it is basically a term to describe when someone is preventing you purposely or unintentionally from conversing with someone, whether it be by becoming the ‘third wheel’ or just blatantly pulling you away from the situation.

Almost every girl has experienced being out with a friend and having a male try to approach her or vise versa and your friend totally C.B’d the entire moment. We’re here to tell you what to do to avoid the C.B.
To prevent a C.B you should establish when you want your friend to C.B or when you want them to leave you alone. A lot of the time your female friends will C.B because they think it’s what you want, so to avoid that have a code word that you and your friends use when you want them to interject in a situation. For example, when going out with our friends we use ‘Raspberry’ as our word to signal that we want one of our friends to C.B. If no one says raspberry we assume they are enjoying what ever person that they are currently involved in conversing with.

Another way to avoid the C.B is to make sure your body language shows that you interested in the person that you are conversing with so that hopefully your friends pick up on the fact that you are interested in that person and the know to back off. In all honesty the best way of all o prevent a C.B is to just blatantly tell you friend or friends that you are interested in the person that you’re conversing with and that’d you’d like them to leave you alone, but just try not to be rude about it because you don’t want to your friend to feel as though you are picking a guy over them.

**Now for the girl out there who is the offender of C.B’ing your friends it is NOT cool (notice the underlined NOT). There is no reason why you should be doing this. We want you to think about all of the possible reasons you would do this to your ‘friend’ if that’s what she really is. We’ve heard it all : “we were supposed to stay together”, “he was the only cute guy in the group”, “I didn’t want to be by myself”, and etc. Stop it! You must realize that all these reasons make you sound somewhat insecure, desperate, and jealous. You don’t want to be ‘THAT’ girl. We don’t want you to be ‘THAT’ girl and no one wants to hangout with ‘THAT’ girl, incase you didn’t know. So we just advise you to be aware of how you’re acting toward your friends when they’re socializing and mingling with guys and know when you should and shouldn’t C.B!

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 Brittany Windham is a Senior at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY. She is studying Fashion Design with a concentration in Apparel Design. She is a New York City native with a love for the arts and anything that allows her to express her creativity. She is a published poet and a member of the Chi Alpha Epsilon Honors Society. She has worked alongside artist, designers, and students in New York City to promote environmental awareness through art with her participation in Digital Day Camp through the Eyebeam team. She is currently a member of the Orange Crush team on her campus and she one day aspires to have her own online store which recycles and reuses old accessories and clothing to create new ones.
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