DIY Halloween Costumes! What's In Your Closet?

I am here to show you guys how to build a Halloween costume from what’s already in your closet. Yes, do it yourself! Inevitability, you may have to buy a few things to make your costume perfect, but those things can be extremely cheap too! Below, I’ll talk to you about the things in your closet that you should be looking for, and the cheap things from the dollar store that you can use to pull these two costumes off.

The Mummy:

Yes, you can be a sexy mummy!

1st: Look for distressed white jeans and a distressed white tee shirt in your closet. And if you do not have anything distressed, you can use your scissors and cut away! You can even cut your tee shirt into a distressed crop top for a sexier look. Or if you have a white dress, you can cut that up as well.

2nd: After you have your distressed clothes, you can use some tissue paper and tape to give it a sloppier, more realistic mummy look! Tissue is about 79 cents, while tape can cost you just one buck!

3rd: Lastly, you can make it your own by pairing it with some white pumps, white lipstick, white nail polish, and other white complimentary makeup! Makeup may be a bit expensive, but this is always optional!

Have fun!

The Grape:

This costume is fairly simple!

1st: Look for a purple outfit in your closet! It can be a purple shirt, purple jeans and purple heels, or you can even replace that outfit with a dress, sneakers or flats. Just make sure that you are wearing all purple. 

2nd: Make sure you have about 10-20 purple balloons! Yes, the balloons are the grapes. And then make sure you have tape (or crazy glue if you do not mind ruining your clothes) to attach the balloons to you. A bag of balloons can cost you about 3 bucks while tape and glue can cost you about one buck!

3rd: To compliment your grape costume, you can wear purple makeup. Lipstick, eye shadow, and even purple nail polish.  And like stated before, makeup can be expensive so this is always optional!

And if you choose, you can even be a green grape! It is your choice, so make it your own.

The complete costume should look something like this :)

If you decide to go with one of these costumes, tag us in the photo! We would love to see how they turned out. Happy Halloween