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The Collegiette Fashionista’s Guide To Packing Lightly for Spring Break

That time of year is fast approaching lovelies and the down feeling of midterms and all nighters are hovering over your head. There will be peace pass the No.2 pencils and exams (and for some of you lucky ladies the peace might be in Cancun!)

You might be wondering to yourself “I have the spending money saved for my trip, what am I going to buy and bring?” Here is a list of things that you would need for your trip.

#1.Your Passport! : Kind of stating the obvious I know but sometimes people forget. Only take it if you are leaving the country. Your state ID or license will be good enough for traveling within the States.

#2.  One pair of your most flattering jeans: I know one pair may seem like it’s not enough but if you are going to be gone for at most a week, and if your spring break is a good one, you most likely will be in your bathing suit most of the time :)

#3. Two pairs of shorts (Whether Denim/ Linen or Terry): Shorts are comfortable and is an essential staple to spring break attire. They also make your bikini top pop! And speaking of which…

#4.  At least three bathing suits: As I said before, variation is key to making your fashionista impression, try bold patterns, colors and prints that would make any avid Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition reader have all eyes on you.

#5. Toiletries!: Very much needed, I wouldn’t go skimpy on this one folks. You could get travel sizes favorite deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, body wash, shaving cream, shampoo, lotion,  a mini makeup bag,  your signature scent, etc .Never leave home without it. Put them in Ziploc bags so there isn’t a mess when you get to your destination.

#6. A few basic tanks and/or camis: About 3-4 shirts that you can wear on your trip.

#7. Sunglasses: You have to have them ;)

#8.  One dress that would make you the talk of the room: Something flattering that will show your best assets. You never know where you might end up going out.

#9. A tote and a wristlet: To carry around daily essentials whether small or big.

#10. Underwear: This goes without saying. Carry at least one strapless bra and one regular bra. As for undergarments, use your discretion as to how much you need to carry depending on how many days you are staying.

#11. Shoes, shoes and more shoes!: Just kidding, try to limit yourself to two pairs. Maybe a nice pair of wedges and the oh so comfortable flip flops (finding it hard to decide on a color, black goes with everything!)

Essential tip: Roll all of your clothes, it will give you more room in your suitcase, if you have breakables, wrap them in your denim, it will be a good cushion against airport handling and throwing of your luggage.

Here you go, this list is at your disposal, and I guarantee you that your suitcase will be light and happy travels!

Kimberly Drummond is a senior Public Communication major at SUNY Buffalo State College. Being from Brooklyn, NY she always had a love for city lights. She enjoys writing, reading, photography, and the occasional curling up to a glossy fashion magazine now and then.
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