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Cabin Camping: Do’s and Don’ts

In order to enlighten everyone who will ever go cabin camping I’m going to suggest some things that ought to be packed if you’re ever given the opportunity. If you are ever going with a school organization they usually provide three set meals for students depending on the amount of time that they have rented out and the amount of individuals. Last year I found out the hard way that I need more than three meals a day to keep functioning. Even though I didn’t starve last year because some very kind individuals brought snacks that they were willing share, this year when I went I came prepared. Organizations often times do not have enough within their budget to purchase snacks for everyone that caters to their taste. So, definitely purchase some snacks for yourself as well as a friend just to be safe.

Another, thing that you should bring in order to consolidate on space while satisfying your thirst is bring a reusable water bottle and possibly a juice mix so that way if you want something to drink other than water you can have your favorite juice. I personally purchased half lemonade and half iced tea to drink. Most people just purchase a box of drinks but sometimes you don’t want to carry all of that or have the space for it, but it all up to you.

Don’t for the necessities such as clothes appropriate for the weather and the outdoor activities, soap, deodorant, a toothbrush and paste. I would also suggest bring any feminine products just to be safe because you just never know. Also, due to the fact that this particular cabin only offer empty bunks and most organizations do camp weekend in the fall always bring comfy and warm sheets. Nothing is worse than freezing late at night. Keep in mind that most likely you will not have any service so attend to all your time sensitive chores ahead of time so that way you can take full advantage of a peaceful and fun weekend. It also never hurts to bring any board games or sport balls (like football, volleyball, and etc.) to spend on your down time from any planned activities. If you’re able to try getting the itinerary because it will help you plan your time there.

So, just a double check bring bathroom necessities, clothes, sheets, snacks, drinks and anything that you might want to do with your free time. I know it might sound like a lot but if you pack smart you have the best time of your life and won’t regret a thing, so forget the phone and have some fun. 

I'm currently a student at Buffalo State College. My major is mathematics education 7-12 with a speech minor.
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