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9 signs that you’ve got senioritis

Senioritis, or simply referred to as “the itis”, is a serious epidemic that takes the world by storm every year. It is a term that is mainly directed towards seniors who are either in high school or college and have had a decrease in motivation in school. It affects many of my friends today. Many of them who are so close to graduating and receiving their degree, that they begin to show signs of the itis.

Here are some signs to take note of when it comes to “the itis”:

1. You have immense fashion interest in sweatpants, leggings, plain shirts and sweaters.

There’s nothing wrong with that though!

2. When 8 hours of sleep just isn’t enough anymore.

3. When you start daydreaming in class about being in your room or sleeping.

4. When you walk at a significantly slower pace.

5. When you look like this knowing that break is right around the corner.


6. When your answers start to look like this:



or even this:

7. When you walk into class and completely forget about the test or homework that is due.

8. If your face looks like this when you remember you have class the next day.

9. If this is your view on completing homework.

Even though one may be so close to the finish line to receiving their diploma, there is still no time to slack. Act as if this semester is like any

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