5 Ways To Keep the Faith While in College

Whether you are religious or not, keeping your faith in college can be tough. That one failed test, financial strain and even Donald Trump becoming president; these are all things that can test a person’s faith. But with evils and temptations left and right, keeping the faith in college is possible! Here are my top five ways I keep the faith.

1. PRAY!

Giving your problems to God (Allah, Jehovah or your desired divinity) is a must. Your creator knew how much you could bear before you were placed on this earth. If you've done all you can just pray. So don't worry about that group project or that class you hate. God has got your back! For those who aren't religious, doing yoga or meditation should relieve your stress.

2. Positivity

Staying around good vibes and people that love you will make a difference in how you carry out your days. Watch TV shows that make you feel good, change your sheets, or even giving yourself a manicure are all things you can do to destress and take your mind off your problems. When you are in a good mood, staying in faith is much easier.

3. When in doubt, look for a word

Searching for answers in a sermon or the Bible can definitely give you a boost of faith. Faith is not always an easy thing to maintain in college when everything deals with numbers and emotional rollercoasters. Sometimes when God isn’t answering, he wants you to open your bible. If you’re away from home or it’s difficult to get to church download the Sprinkle of Jesus app or look through YouTube for sermons. Doing this has helped me stay connected through my times of trouble,

4. Prepare for your blessings

After you’ve prayed, and stayed in good faith it's time to prepare for your blessings. If you asked God for something, be confident that he will deliver. If you asked God to help you pass a course, continue to work hard and expect an A. If you prayed for the well-being of an ill family member, make exciting plans for the future and be confident they will be better. Everything you ask for may not be on your time schedule, but God’s timing is always on time.

5. Give Thanks!

If you have received what you were asking for or just signs that God is working, give thanks. Tell someone about God, worship, pray and make sure God knows you are thankful for his works. Even doing this will put you in a good mood and build you for future obstacles. God loves helping us and thanking him for his goodness makes it even better. Remembering these steps will make your darkest times much easier.