5 Best Places to Study for Buffalo State Students

Sometimes, studying in your dorm room will end up with you lying in bed while on your phone and then eventually fallin asleep. No work will have gotten done. It's very important that you set aside time to go study elsewhere - and there are plenty of places to go. Whether its on-campus or off-campus, we have a list of great study spots for you to check out!

1. Spot Coffee on Elmwood This place is great for studying! It has a lot of space (so you're not in close proximity to others) and a nice atmosphere. You can also grab a tasty meal and coffee while you're there, making your study time a little more berable. 

2. Caffe Aroma on Elmwood

The atmosphere in Caffe Aroma is perfect for studying - soothing and calm music, classic films playing on the TV (on mute, with captions), and decor that gives off a relaxing vibe. The coffee is also amazing, and they serve alcoholic beverages. The only con is that there is not that much space so you may be bumping elbows with another customer, depending on the time and day.

3. Panera Bread on Elmwood

Panera Bread is another good study spot for students. You can have a great meal while you study and there's enough room for you to have a group study date. One con is that it's not as quiet and relaxing as the coffee shops.

4. Argo Tea in Butler Library 

If you're not in the mood to go off-campus to study, then you can head to Butler Library! Argo Tea in the library is a great place to study. The big, brown tables have outlets and usb ports in fornt of each chair and there are comfy sofa chairs. There are also a bunch of computers for you to use, in case you left your laptop in your dorm. One con is that it can get really packed so you may not be able to find a spot.

5. The Fireside Lounge in the Union 

In the winter, the Fireside Lounge becomes your best friend. It's warm and comfy up on the third floor. There are many couches and chairs for students to use while studying. There are also individual desks on the side for those who want some privacy and an outlet for their laptop. One con is that you may end of getting too relaxed on the sofas and not have the want to study anymore.