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25 Thoughts We Had While Watching the Winter Finale of How To Get Away With Murder

The winter finale of How To Get Away With Murder premiered on Thursday night, and some most fans are still reeling in from the shock. If you haven't seen it, STOP READING NOW and go watch it! Throughout the season, fans were given clues on who was not going to be dead at the end. 

Here are some thoughts fans had while enduring the shockingly, sad episode. 

1. Frank, don't do it!


3. Can my professor give me champagne next time I pass my exam? 

4. Asher, no! Why did you invite her estranged mother? 

5. Laurel, you should have just told him the truth. Tsk tsk. 

6. I wish I could drop one hundred dollars bills like Annalise

7. Yes Annalise, tell her off!

8. No Nate, it's suppose to be you and Annalise against the world!

9. Damn, Annalise fell off the wagon. WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU!

10. She is drinking that vodka like it's juice. 

11. Asher and Michaela's mom are pretty much best friends now

12. They are all so wasted. 

13. Okay, Nate is obviously under the sheet. 

14. Michaela is not here for her mother. At all. 

15. Annalise is such a good liar. 

16. So now Frank is definitely not under the sheet. Thank you Jesus. 

17. Wait, where's Connor!?

18. Okay good, Connor's still alive. 

19. It's obviously Nate. 


21. Who's another black, male that's on the show?

22. It can't be...NO.


24. WES! NO! HOW! WHY!

25. I can't do this anymore! I can't watch this anymore. Shonda, WHY!?

Alexandra Whitehead is a Senior at SUNY at Buffalo State. Originally from Virginia, she is majoring in Fashion Textile and Techonology with a concentration in Merchandising. She also has a minor in Theatre. Alexandra is a big advocate for the arts, taking great pleasure in literature, performing, and media arts. She also loves traveling and experiencing new things. In the Fall of 2014, she had the great opportunity to study abroad in London at Regents University. It was an amazing experience that taught her so much about herself and the different cultures around her. When she graduates, Alexandra aspires to be a film/television actress, owner of a eco-friendly fashion boutique, and owner of an animal rescue that saves feral cats and kittens from the streets. 
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