16 Things You Can Do During Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break is finally upon us! We have been waiting for this break since midterms, dreaming of the week where we could relax and not do anything. Now, I know you want to spend your break sleeping, watching tv, and eating all the home-cooked meals you can get before the big holiday. However, there are plenty of other ways you can spend it. Even though the break is short, you can still be productive and do some fun activites. A day is all you need. Whether its alone or with others, here are fifteen things you can do over break besides being a couch potato. 

1. Read a book for leisure

2. Do some arts and crafts

3. Find a food recipe and make it 

4. Catch up with your friends

5. Research internships 

6. Find a resturant or cafe you've never been to and visit with a friend

7. Have a board game night with your family

8. Learn some relaxation exercises and have a stress-free night

9. Workout

10. Visit your high school 

11. Start planning your Spring Break trip

12. Participate in one of the many challenges taking over the internet

13. Give back to the community

14. Take a break from social media 

15. Document your college experience thus far

16. Have a movie marathon with your best friend