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The Zodiac Signs as Parks and Rec Characters

Parks and Recreation is one of the greatest shows on TV right next to The Office.  Each character has a specific personality that has stood out to millions of people worldwide.  Now it’s time give those characters and their crazy personalities a spot in the zodiac.

1. Aries – Leslie.

Your energy, determination, and courage make you just like Leslie Knope.  You’re a true go-getter and won’t let anything stop you from achieving your dreams.  Whether it’s a mayoral election or interviewing for a possible summer internship, your tenacity and confidence are what put you ahead of everybody else.

2. Taurus- Ron.

Similar to Ron, Tauruses are responsible and reliable.  They help others grow and mature like the way Ron did with Tom and April.  However, a Taurus’ stubbornness and love for food can get them in trouble.  Remember to be patient and “eat a banana every once in a while.”

3. Gemini- Anne.

Geminis are kind gentle people who can easily adapt to any situation.  You’re witty and quick to the punch, but your nervousness and inconsistency make an awkward conversation even more awkward.  Anne is the same way. Remember when she literally ran away from Chris when she wanted to ask him to have a baby with her. Or how she changed her wardrobe everytime she had a new boyfriend.

4. Cancer- Chris.

Just like Chris, Cancer signs are very imaginative, outgoing, and always want to help those in need.  You guys have the amazing ability to empathize with people, even though sometimes they don’t deserve it.  You can easily persuade people into doing what you want, but be careful because your mood swings and manipulative behavior can quickly turn anyone off from you.  Everyone has a good and a bad side of them, but make more of an effort for the world to see the good side of you so they can see how awesome and wonderful you are.

5. Leo- Jean Ralphio Saperstein.

Your passion and cheerfulness for literally everything you do are what make people fall in love with you.  Similar to Jean Ralphio and his twin sister, you make any boring event into a party. Sometimes it gets a little too out of hand, but you’re always the one down for a good time.  Although you’re great at getting the party started, make sure your arrogance doesn’t stand in the way of people having a good time. The attention doesn’t always have to be on you.

6. Virgo- Jerry.

Virgos are very cute and innocent people.  You guys are always striving to give your best effort at everything you do, but sometimes your shyness stands in your way.  It’s easy for people to talk or walk over you guys, but don’t stand for that anymore. Use your voice and assert yourself as a more confident person.  Jerry from Parks and Rec let all of his co-workers call him by the wrong name for decades. Don’t be a Jerry.

7. Libra- Ben.

Similar to Ben, Libras are very cooperative and helpful. Although you guys don’t like confrontation, like the way Ben hates confronting the police. Libras are great with sharing and being kind to others, which is why Ben makes such a great Libra. He tries his best since the beginning of his time in the Parks and Rec department to make sure his co-workers are working harmoniously with each other.

8. Scorpio- Donna.

Donna is one of a kind.  She is a spunky character who has no time for other peoples shenanigans.  Scorpios are passionate and although sometimes you take it to the next level, most of the time people appreciate your outspokenness and stubborn behavior.  You said it how it is and sometimes that can get you in trouble since you’re not always sympathetic to other people’s feelings. Scorpios are very sexual beings and like Donna has shown in the show, she does not mess around when it comes to sex.  The saying “a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets” perfectly captures the essence of a Scorpio.

9. Sagittarius- Andy.

Andy is one of the most lovable characters in Parks and Rec and Sagittariuses are not different.  Their easy-going personalities and generous behavior award them one of the best signs of the zodiac.  You have great humor, which makes everyone love you. However, your inability to come through on promises you made and your clinginess can sometimes rub people the wrong way.  Although most people love you, you need to be conscious of how your actions are affecting the people around you.

10. Capricorn- Tom.

One of the wisest signs in the zodiac, Capricorns are knowledge-driven and make great CEOs and entrepreneurs like Tom.  His motivation to be the richest and smartest person in the room enabled him to start his own successful business. While some may have been discouraged away from the failure of their company, Tom made sure that wasn’t his only chance to make it big.  Capricorns are the same way; they don’t let anything knock them down for too long. Although you guys are business savvy your know-it-all attitude and condescending tone has stepped over a lot of people. Dial back the cockiness and you’ll be sure to have it all.

11. Aquarius- Tammy II.

Aquarius’ walk on the wild side.  Like Ron Swanson’s second wife Tammy, you have original thoughts and don’t like copying what other people are doing. You’re a trailblazer, but you hate it when people disagree with you. Try to be less controlling and be open-minded to discussion.  It was definitely difficult for Tammy II to hear people disagreed with her and look how that ended for her. Don’t be like Tammy by screaming and lifting up your skirt anytime you want people to do what you say.  It’s not a good look.

12. Pisces- April.

Pisces are very imaginative and intuitive.  Although April fantasizes about death and blood, there’s no denying she has an everlasting imagination.  Pisces are very wise and compassionate, however, your fear and sadness can easily overcome you.

There are many personalities on Parks and Rec and whether you’ve never watched the show or identify with one of the characters, discovering more about your zodiac sign is always entertaining.  Sometimes we think our personalities fit another sign or maybe we match our signs to the point. Either way, we could all work a little harder on our weaknesses to better ourselves as people.


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I am a senior studying broadcast journalism at Boston University
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