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Zack Robinson, SMG ’16


Now a resident in West Campus, Zack came to Boston University this fall from sunny Los Angeles to pursue a degree in entertainment management at SMG. He hopes to move back to L.A. after college to work on the business side of the T.V. or music industry. “Obviously I didn’t come to BU for the weather, but when visiting I loved SMG, and now I’m a business administration major,” Zack said in an interview.

Zack is a prime example of a people person. From security officers in Sleeper Hall to the SMG Starbucks, he can make conversation with absolutely anyone. “Everyone we ever come into contact with will have something in common with us, and so I love interacting with people to find those things,” he said.

His passion for chatting makes him the perfect Admissions Ambassador. Zack gives tours weekly and spends lots of time spreading his love of BU to perspective students at the Admissions Reception Center at 121 Bay State.

He’s also a musician. Zack has been playing piano since he was three. As a member of the Boston University Pianist Association, he teaches piano lessons for other students every Tuesday. Zack said piano helps him to unwind and de-stress almost every day.

Amongst many other passions, Zack is a coffee connoisseur. “I’m that kid who hears Starbucks got a new exclusive coffee bean and I have to go and taste it,” he said. “And if I “hypothetically” had a coffee machine in my room, which of course is not allowed, I would “hypothetically” make all sorts of espresso drinks like lattes and cappuccinos as often as I could.”

In the little free time that he has, Zack enjoys Parks and Recreation, New Girl, Glee, and—his favorite—Ellen. “If I don’t get my Ellen from 4-5 Monday through Friday I may as well be grumpy cat,” he said. As for music, you can find pop singers Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj, Maroon Five, and, of course, Lady Gaga. Zack is a self-prescribed “Little Monster” when it comes to Gaga.

Rachel is a freshman in the College of Communications at Boston University. Born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, she is still adopting to the cold winters and Bostonian way of life. She also writes for BU's independent student newspaper The Daily Free Press. In her free time she enjoys Netflix, vanilla lattes, and a semi-eventful social life.
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