Your Semester, As Told By Amy Schumer

So you’re officially into the semester now...and things are getting real. Don’t worry, Amy understands just what you’re going through!

You start out your semester and you just know you’re going to conquer the world.

You’ve spent the summer re-vamping your look and you know you’re going to rock Comm Ave

But it’s not long before your motivation to work out depletes

And suddenly makeup is taking much too long

You’ve been working hard, so you decide what you need is a good night out

You pretend that every hour is happy hour

You take an unfortunate amount of snapchats

And you realize you posted them as your story

You decide staying in is your thing anyway

It’s getting later in the semester and things start to get real

You realize that you have 5 papers, 4 exams, and a project all due in the next week

You try to pretend you’re totally fine

But in reality you’re falling apart at the seams

Your friends tell you it's totally fine not to go out

And you go out anyway

You have to get real with yourself

But your favorite nights are spent like

Your professor tells you that you have to do the readings to get a good grade in the class

It’s time for finals

You’re in Mugar like

Your dinner starts to look more like

You expect to end finals likeBut the reality is more like

And you know you’re still going to do it all again next semester