Your New Favorite Dorm Snacking Essentials

Being in college for three semesters has taught me a lot of things. Classes are stressful, everything is expensive, my friends are amazing, but most importantly, dorm life is a major adjustment.

That’s why I’ve created the perfect list to reference when you’re stocking up on snacks to make dorm life a little sweeter (or saltier).

1. Clif Bars

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I have relied on Clif Bars since the first day of freshman year. Not only are they the only protein bar I’ve found to actually keep me full, but the flavors are amazing. Try my favorites cool mint chocolate or chocolate chip next time!

2. Fruit Snacks

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Welch’s fruit snacks bring me back to the lunchbox days. They’re not exactly candy so you can feel better eating them, but still have that little sugar pick me up to get you through the day.  

3. Pretzels

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Pretzels are that staple snacks, but these braided varieties are my personal favorite. They’re a little sweeter than normal pretzels and more fun too! I always feel like I can eat less of them than I would with regular pretzels and still feel full.  

4. Oatmeal

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Recently, I’ve had an obsession with oatmeal. I’ve always loved cereal, but having milk in a dorm room isn’t always the easiest. I found myself not using the milk in time, or running out and not having anything to eat with my cereal. For oatmeal, you only need a little water and a microwave, making it perfect for dorms!

5. Peanut Butter

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I love peanut butter. It has a long shelf life so you can keep it in your room forever and it goes with everything. My favorite combo is getting apples and cutting them up to have with peanut butter. It’s a really easy healthy snack that still tastes amazing.

6. Bark Thins

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Bark Thins taste like candy, but they're labeled as a “snacking chocolate,” which helps justify them eating them all the time! I like to keep a bag of the mint ones in my room to have every once and a while.

7. Chex Mix

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Cheddar Chex Mix is by far the superior flavor. I love the original, but something about the cheddar is especially irresistible. It’s addicting, to say the least.

8. Microwave Popcorn

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A true college staple, microwave popcorn never lets me down. It’s great if you need a bigger snack or if you want to invite friends over to watch a movie. You really can’t go wrong offering your guests some classic movie theater butter popcorn.

9. Hummus

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Hummus is that healthy spread that’s so delicious that I constantly try to keep it stocked in my dorm fridge. It goes great with pretzels, pita chips, or carrots! There’s a bunch of flavors so if the original doesn’t sound appealing to you, try Sabra’s Basil Pesto or Chipotle varieties!

10. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

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No explanation needed. Chubby Hubby has been my favorite Ben & Jerrys flavor for as long as I can remember. It’s a malt ice cream with fudge and peanut butter swirls and chocolate covered pretzels pieces mixed in!  

Hurry up and get these must-haves so you can survive those late-night study sessions or Netflix binges!


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