Your New Favorite Breakfast Option: Smoothies

As a college student, busy days are the norm. Between 8 am classes and extracurriculars, it can be so hard to fit breakfast in on a regular basis. But, my smoothie maker has come to my rescue since starting college.

Smoothies are the ultimate healthy breakfast! Peanut butter is a source of protein and healthy fats, yogurt provides protein and calcium, orange juice is a source of vitamin C and fruits and vegetables provide all sorts of vitamins and minerals.

But, where to start with smoothies? I, personally, have a Ninja smoothie blender which is high quality and works so well, but I’ve also heard great things about the NutriBullet.

When building a smoothie, it’s important to start with about one cup of your favorite base—I like either kefir or plain yogurt. Try to use about a cup, and pay attention to how much sugar is in your base! There’s a lot of hidden sugar in yogurt.

Next, you can add spinach, but I always skip this step because I hate spinach, tbh. But, some people love it!

I also love adding a cup of orange juice to my smoothie. It makes it taste more like a fancy, fun drink.

Then, it’s time for frozen fruit (insert heart eye emoji).Trader Joe’s has my favorite options for frozen fruit—their frozen mango chunks make me a lot happier than they should. Other good options include frozen blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or a berry mix!

Finally, add some peanut butter, chia seeds or avocado for some additional healthy fats.

Now that I’ve given an overview of my favorite smoothie recipes, here are some of my favorite concoctions for making the perfect smoothie.

1. Sunrise Smoothie, name inspired by the orange in the smoothie

Photo Credit: Iowa Girl Eats

1 C. Kefir,

1 C. Orange Juice

1 C. Frozen Mango Chunks

¼ C. Almond Milk

The most simple smoothie, but most delicious and favorite of mine.

2. Berry Blast

1 C. Kefir

1 C. Orange Juice

¼ C almond milk

1 C frozen mixed berries

3. Strawberry-Banana Madness

1 C Kefir

1 C Orange juice

¼ C almond milk

½ frozen banana

1 C frozen strawberries

1 tbs peanut butter

Smoothies are a favorite part of my morning, and I hope that they can become a favorite part of your mornings too!


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