Your Fall Guide to Honey Pot Hill Orchards

Honey Pot Hill Orchards is the perfect place to celebrate fall by apple picking, taking pictures at the pumpkin patch, eating apple cider donuts, and more! Here’s a guide to a perfect fall day at Honey Pot Hill Orchards.

  1. 1. Arrive early

    It can get busy in the afternoon, so make sure to come early to secure your spot in line! This will also allow you to pick the best and most accessible apples without having to walk around so much and go deeper into the fields. It’s also extremely beautiful in the early morning. The earlier, the better!

  2. 2. Bring cash

    They only accept cash or check. While there are a few ATMs around, I find it easier to just bring cash prepared for the day. For a small bag (good for three people), it is $20 and for a bigger bag (good for 5 people) it is $30. If you split with a group, it’s not so bad!

  3. 3. Go apple picking first

    You came for the apples, so pick them first! Make sure to adventure around the area, climb the ladders or duck down low to find the best apples. Once you’ve collected all of them and are done, someone will mark your bag and you can put them back in your car then explore the rest of the town.

  4. 4. Ride the hayride

    The hayride is a fun time for everyone. It’s only like $3 extra to get access to it and it takes you around the entire orchard. It’s a great way to see the beautiful sights and decide where you want to get off and stop. I just rode the hayride around the entire loop so I didn’t have to get back on and off!

  5. 5. Check out the farm store

    I recommend going to the farm store last. There, you can get more apples, apple cider donuts (literally the best thing in the world), check out the pumpkin patch, farm animals, and maze. It’s a great way to end the trip!

Fall is such a beautiful season and going to a place like Honey Pot Hill Orchard is the perfect place to celebrate it!


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