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You Only Need a Few Drops—8 Budget Perfumes of Great Value

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Some girls dream of having a shelf crammed with all kinds of perfume bottles, yet fragrances are getting more expensive along with the growth of niche fragrance brands. How do you find your true love perfume within your budget? Say no more, I have 8 affordable fragrance brands for you that will make their way to your favorites list!

Roger Gallet

As one of the earliest colognes in the market, Roger Gallet has been famous for its floral and fruity notes. Rose and Gingembre Rouge have been all the rage. Moreover, the scents also branch out to the body care line, such as body lotion, shower gel, and soap. Bathe with the shower gel, infuse with the body lotion, and diffuse with the moisturizing spray. Sound like your perfect morning routine?

100 BON

Identifying itself as an “all-natural” fragrance brand, 100 BON covers all the notes that you can ever think of – floral, woody, light, sweet, spicy – so that you can choose based on various occasions. Its Bergamote and Rose Sauvage is the best for a date night, Myrrhe and Encens Mysterieux is the optimum choice for a meeting or interview, and Nagaranga and Santal Citronne goes well with a summer trip to the beach!


Next time when you swing by Zara, don’t forget to check out their perfume section as well! Most of its collections are all EDT, which leads to a fresh and natural smell that wards off all your tiredness. They are the perfect dupes for some high-end brands like YSL and Bvlgari, which is very helpful for someone trying to save money.

Paul Smith

As soon as you try Paul Smith Rose, you will throw away all everything you used to think about floral notes. This perfume is 100 percent beyond your expectations. Beginning with headnotes of mixing rose, violet, and tea, it follows up with notes of musk and cedar. The stacking up of all the scents doesn’t create a conflict, but instead, it endows the overall aroma depths and dimensions.

Layered Fragrance

“It smells casually becoming a habit.” Portraying a key concept of “simple = luxury,” Layered Fragrance doesn’t have many complicated notes. Based on your preference, you can customize your own signature scent by layering different scents using their portable package of perfumes. White Tea from their synthetic fragrance collections is my favorite so far since it reminds me of an elegant old friend.


If you are addicted to sweetness, you need to try Fresh Cream by Philosophy. It doesn’t have much of a powdery note, whereas it radiates a strong milky aroma. The gourmet scent will bring you back to your childhood with the nostalgia of your favorite coconut milk.


When talking about laundry perfume, Clean definitely comes first. Its collections are all named after healing words such as “rain,” “warm cotton,” and “shower fresh.” Their notes are dominated by mint, lemon, and jasmine, which are later followed by woods and musk. Clean’s collections are the ideal option for those that prefer a sense of throwing back to the last summer rainstorm, or just-out-of-shower fresh smell.

Elizabeth Arden

Green Tea from Elizabeth Arden is unbeatable. After applying it to your wrist, you will immediately feel like you are strolling through a path after rain, surrounded by the refreshing and pure smell of leaves and earth. You will never go wrong wearing it to class, a brunch date, or even study sessions.

As perfumer Maurice Roucel said, “Your fragrance is your message, your scented slogan.” Let your fragrance linger in the air, and grasp the beauty of life and sensation.


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Zhilan is a current sophomore at Boston University. Being an extroverted introvert, she loves to cook healthy food, explore aesthetic coffee shops, and read mysteries.
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.