WTF (Where’s The Food) -- Otto’s Pizza

Food is always the best distraction, whether you use it as a reward for writing a paper (but then just end up going out to eat after you write the first sentence), or use it to avoid participating in a conversation by keeping your mouth full with trail mix.

A few days ago, as I sat in my room convincing myself that folding a paper clip back and forth was more important than working on my final essay, I decided that I might as well distract myself with food.

Just a five-minute walk from West Campus is Otto’s Pizza! Otto’s originally opened in 2009 as a small slice shop in downtown Portland, Maine (they call their slices “pies," which before this, I had never heard “pie” as a term for pizza). Here in Boston there are few: one in Harvard Square, one in Boston University’s West Campus, and one in Coolidge Corner. Otto’s is known for making creative, quirky, rustic, and unforgettable pizzas. For example, some funky flavors include the three-cheese tortellini pizza, or the pulled pork and mango pizza.

The actual restaurant is nice but not too fancy, and bustling but not noisy. It’s the next best thing to doing your work in a coffee shop. During this upcoming week as you prepare for finals and write essays, head to Otto’s and get a few slices if you get sick of going back and forth from Café Nero to Pavement.

Another great thing about Otto’s is that you once you have ordered, you get your food in less than two minutes. The pizzas are pre-made, and after you pick out your slice(s) they just pop it in the oven to reheat for about 45 seconds. Quick and easy.

I have to say, sadly, that it is a bit overpriced. One slice is $3.50 and a whole pizza ranges from $10 to $15. I think I’m normally only willing to pay $2 dollars for a slice, but honestly this is worth it. If you are feeling extra generous with your spending, go to Otto’s.

I ordered a slice of the butternut squash, ricotta, and cranberry pizza, and a slice of the mushroom and roasted cauliflower pizza. They were perfect. By the time I got back to my dorm room, the oils from the toppings had practically melted into the crust.

The smashed butternut squash, ricotta, and cranberry tasted like Thanksgiving in a single bite. The ricotta was smooth and buttery and went perfectly with the nutty butternut squash. However, the stickiness of cranberries did not go so well with the velvety texture of the ricotta and squash. The mushroom and roasted cauliflower was very rustic. The cauliflower was just a tiny bit burned on the ends and the mushrooms were just a little over cooked, making them more chewy than normal. There was no red sauce so it was really just like eating a healthy salad on top of chewy bread. And what’s better than that?

By the time you finish reading this article, you will have already been procrastinating for 5 or 10 minutes, so you might as well just go to Otto’s!


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