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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

In Sex and The City, Carrie Bradshaw is known for her great lines and commentary, which is sometimes funny, sometimes serious, yet always profound. Whether it’s about her life as a writer or her relationship with Mr. Big, Carrie’s view of the world is often relatable. 

To her fellow ladies and viewers, her thoughts and commentary are often words of wisdom. 

To socialize or stay home? 

Carrie’s got good intuition. Sometimes it’s worth staying home. It seems like even NYC’s finest needs a night in once in a while. 

Shopping is a sport.

For all us shopaholics, this is preaching to the choir. If the Manolo queen calls shopping cardio, I think it’s safe to say we aren’t doing anything wrong. 

 A large side of Cosmo please…

A girl needs her cheat meal…. and her daily dose of Cosmo. Whether Carrie’s asking for the magazine or the drink, she’s got a valid request. 


Carrie’s dedicated her career to writing about relationships, and she’s still got big questions. 

Life in NYC isn’t perfect.

The city girl lifestyle isn’t always sunshine and roses. Thanks for the reality check, Carrie. 

Do we have soulmates? 

Does your soulmate happen to be your three best girlfriends? Carrie questions this all the time.

Chronic overthinking.

Carrie’s got a lot on her mind. Constantly overthinking? Well, us too. 

Money management? 

Where does Carrie like to see her money? Hanging in her closet. Coming from a style icon, this advice is golden…

Caffeine = survival.

A girl can’t get through the day without her coffee. Drinking one cup of sanity at a time. 

Better off storing shoes in the stove.

Save your kitchen from the fires and don’t cook. We won’t be buying Carrie’s cookbook any time soon. 

I guess it’s time to call the girls, grab cosmos, and go shopping. Thanks for the words of wisdom, Carrie. 


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Christina Constantine is a Boston University senior studying journalism. She is a New York City native that loves all things fashion, health, and lifestyle related.    
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.