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You’ve Got Mail is one of my favorite rom-coms of all time. This classic New York City 90s romance between Tom Hanks’s character, Joe Fox, and Meg Ryan’s character, Kathleen Kelly, is always something I turn to when looking for a comfort movie. The two email correspondences turned to business enemies turned to lovers happen to have their story play out in the beautiful Upper West Side. From bookstores to coffee shops, to beautiful parks, the atmosphere is absolutely gorgeous. Above all else, I think this movie has the perfect vibe if you are looking for a cozy autumn watch. 

“Don’t you just love New York in the fall?” One of Joe’s opening lines sets the stage for the fall feeling much of the film encompasses. The movie starts at the beginning of the season, with back-to-school spirit and chillier weather in the air. Located around Central Park, an assemblage of foliage surrounds the characters from the start. The cozy bookshop Kathleen owns is shown decorated with pumpkins and leaves, with its inhabitants cuddled up in cardigans and scarves. As Joe walks his golden retriever Brinkley through the park, you can almost feel the crisp air. It really is the perfect mood.

Following these scenes of a fall aura comes a montage of a perfectly fitting fall street festival Joe visits with the song “Rockin’ Robin” in the background, complementing the vibrant and upbeat autumn activity.  With street vendors, face paint, balloon animals, and arcade games, the audience gets a real look into an authentic experience during this festive time of year in the city. It seems the feeling of fall almost comes through the screen. The perfect display of an NYC fall in the 90s, this feel-good fair in the streets of New York truly encapsulates the mood of the season. 

The film even pays homage to the hustle and bustle of New York City right around Thanksgiving — my favorite fall holiday. A scene between love interests Joe and Kathleen in a crowded grocery store right around Turkey Day gives an even further connection to the season. While other seasons of the year make their way into the rom-com, such as Christmas and springtime, I still will always view this charming and witty romance as a must-watch during fall.

Looking for a fall-feeling movie to watch that isn’t Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown? Be sure to watch You’ve Got Mail this season!

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Originally from Marshfield, Massachusetts, Caroline is a freshman in the College of Communication. For fun she enjoys trying out new coffee shops with friends, reading, going to spin class, and walking on the beach with her golden retriever Winnie.