Why You Should Watch Netflix’s Locke and Key

Over the past year, Netflix has released many new original series. On February 7th, Netflix premiered its new young adult fantasy series Locke and Key. It’s an adaptation of a graphic novel series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. The series follows the Locke siblings, Taylor, Kinsey, and Bode, as they uncover magical keys hidden around their Massachusetts home. In the process, they unlock the mystery of a decade-old murder. 



Secrets are meant to be unlocked. Locke & Key arrives February 7.

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Netflix has been doing a great job with their new original shows, and Locke and Key is no different. Something in particular that Netflix does phenomenally is creating visually appealing sci-fi/ fantasy shows. Locke and Key has a unique magical system in which a series of keys unlock various abilities. With the introduction of every new magical ability, the viewer gets to see beautiful special effects. Everything looks so real, and that’s something that makes the show so good. Not only does the story pull you in, but the visuals do as well. 



making the Volturi proud. iykyk

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The plot is very new and exciting. You never know what’s going to happen. The stakes and thrill pull you in and make you want more. Every episode has a small twist, all of which lead up to a big twist in the season finale. Additionally, the plot centers around how the Locke family grieves and heals after the death of their father, Rendell Locke. So, whether you want a fantastical mystery or something more realistic, this show is definitely for you. 

There are already rumors the show will be picked up for a season two, so I definitely recommend binging the first season. If you like great visual effects, unique magic systems, and wonderful family bonds, this show has it all. So, the next time you’re scrolling through Netflix, think about watching Locke and Key


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