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Why You Should Download Co – Star and Let it Ruin You

I rolled out of bed this morning, groaning to my roommates. “I have pressure in all of my categories!” I lamented, perhaps taking this all a little more seriously than I should. 

I was referring to my daily horoscope reading from Co – Star, an app that, according to the developers, provides a “hyper-personalized, social experience” with astrology. On this particular morning, my insights for categories such as sex & love, self, and work were not looking too promising.

Now, I’d like to preface this article by saying that I am not a whole-hearted believer in astrology. I used to enjoy reading zodiac posts along the lines of “What season is your sign?” but beyond that, I take everything I read about astrology with a large grain of salt.

That being said, Co – Star hooked me. When you first download the app, you input your birth time, date, and location, and the app generates your birth chart. Your birth chart is different than the one sign that you most likely know (your sun sign) because it details the position of the sun, moon, planets, and other astrological aspects at the moment you were born.

Photo credit: Co-Star Astrology

I thought this was fun, but nothing noteworthy. That is, until I read Co – Star’s interpretation of my chart. I will spare you all the details—although I could go on and on about how positively seen this app made me feel—but I was shocked at how many of the different signs were spot on about my personality.

However, being called out by Co – Star doesn’t stop at your birth chart. The app became somewhat of a sensation for its “Your Day at a Glance” notifications, which either come for you with not even a hint of remorse or make absolutely no sense (in the best way possible). 

I once received a notification from Co – Star that simply said, “Take a cold shower,” (Spoiler alert: I did not.) But despite the goofy ones, I’ve also received notifications like today’s: “Be easy on people, even the smartest ones will have trouble turning the wild orbit of their thoughts into words.” 

Sure, many people could apply that notification to a situation in their life and make some sense of it. On the other hand, it may have been just what I needed to hear today. If we’re being completely honest, I felt a little called out, and that’s definitely not an unusual occurrence.

Better yet, many users relate to the experience of feeling like the app is reading you more than you are reading it. 

Photo credit: Twitter @baileewith2es

In addition to your chart and daily notifications, Co – Star works as a social network, so you can test your compatibility with friends, read their charts, and see their daily notifications. My roommates and I had so much fun with this feature when we all discovered the app, joking about the areas that Co – Star told us were incompatible and laughing at the sections of each other’s charts that were too real. 

At the end of the day, however, it’s important to remember that Co – Star is just an app. Regardless of how much you believe in astrology as a method for guiding your life, it’s up to you to interpret your chart in a way that is productive. 

I try to take it all in good fun, because a discouraging daily horoscope does not have to mean you will have a bad day, and a chart reading that shows a lack of compatibility does not have to mean you can’t be friends with that person.

With that said, download Co – Star! Let it wreck you! It’s a fun way to learn more about yourself and your friends, and if you haven’t hopped on the astrology trend by now, this app will definitely get you hooked.


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Morgan is a senior at Boston University studying public relations with minors in art history and political science. She loves fall, cafés, and exploring Boston. She is a frequent art museum goer and an ardent Bruins fan. Besides writing, Morgan's hobbies include curating Spotify playlists, cheering on the BU Terriers at hockey games, and exploring independent bookstores.
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