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Why This Year’s Bachelor Is Already More Dramatic Than Any Other Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Any dedicated Bachelor fan knows that every single season, Chris Harrison tells us that this will be “the most dramatic season yet.” We always doubt it because how could this season be even crazier than the last season? But anyone who has been keeping up with Peter’s season of The Bachelor knows that his season might actually be the most dramatic one yet. Read on to find out why.


Hannah Brown’s Guest Appearance

We have to start off the drama with the person who had already broken Peter’s heart once before: Hannah Brown. Shocking the entire nation, Hannah comes out of the limo on night one. Peter, like the rest of America, had his jaw dropped to the floor in utter shock. And we can already tell that Peter is still not over Hannah—I think drool literally came out of his mouth.

But we then found out that Hannah is simply there to wish Peter luck (why did she get all dressed up and make a killer entrance just to say good luck though?). 

This is not the last time we saw Hannah, however, because she made yet another appearance at one of the first group dates. She was there to organize the day’s activities, but she ended up disclosing some surprising information: it seemed that she is not over Peter. After ruining her chances to end up with Peter on her season, Hannah seemed to be making her rounds and telling Peter that she still thought about him. And Peter being Peter, he seemed to still be completely in love with her and asks her to join the house and be on his season. But after a lot of crying and bad mascara runs, Hannah decided to leave and let Peter progress with his season.

Champagne Gate

All of the women on this season are insanely dramatic in one way or another (with the exception of Madison, who causes absolutely no trouble). The most problematic girls, however, would probably be Kelsey, Hannah Ann, Alayah, Tammy, and Mykenna. 

Let’s begin with Kelsey and Hannah Ann’s “champagne-gate.” After setting up a lovely date for Peter with champagne that she had been saving for a special occasion, Kelsey’s date was essentially stolen by Hannah Ann. Hannah Ann claimed that she did not know it was Kelsey’s setup, but Kelsey, being a bit overdramatic, still blamed her for it and called her a bully. The best part of this moment was that Kelsey and Peter finally got to drink champagne together, only to have the bottle explode in Kelsey’s face as she opened it. Classic.

Alayah’s Twist

Next, Alayah caused a lot of drama in the house. After Sydney told Peter that Alayah seemed to be there for the wrong reasons, Alayah received a lot of backlash from Peter and the girls. The other women claimed that Alayah fit the extremely fake, pageant queen stereotype and that she was not serious about finding love. On top of all this, Victoria P. told Peter that Alayah did not want producers knowing that they knew each other prior to the show (Victoria P. had been a pageant contestant with Alayah). 

Sensing that Alayah was a little shady, Peter sent her home. However, the next week, Alayah decided to return to tell Peter the whole truth. Setting the record straight, Alayah told Peter that she and Victoria P. actually knew each other very well before the show and even went on vacation together. Not knowing who to trust, Peter simply decided to invite Alayah back onto the show and even gives her the group date rose (on a group date she was not even on), making the other girls very angry.

Tammy Trouble 

Tammy is another real problem on the show. She wanted to sabotage every other girl in the house. She attacked Kelsey for being “an alcoholic” and for “popping pills” when she had absolutely no right to say those things at all. She also told Peter that Kelsey was having way too many emotional breakdowns when it was not her place to pass any judgment onto the other girls.

Eventually, the Kelsey drama flickered out, but then Tammy finds a new target: Mykenna. Tammy attacks Mykenna for being “a child” and for only being on the show to advertise “her brand.” Mykenna fervently denied these claims, sticking up for herself on the two-on-one that Peter goes on with her and Tammy. Peter eventually ended up choosing Mykenna and sending Tammy home, only to send Mykenna home later that night in the rose ceremony. Clearly, Peter is not making any good decisions.

Victoria F. and Chase Rice

I am really proud of the producers for this one. So Peter chose Victoria F. to go on a one-on-one date in Cleveland, Ohio. At the end of the date, they went to a private concert to have a romantic moment—but then all the drama started.

Apparently, Victoria F. used to date country singer-songwriter, Chase Rice, and he was the concert performer. As Victoria F. and Peter kissed and danced along to the song, Chase (Victoria’s ex) was literally serenading them. You just can’t make this stuff up.

After the concert, Victoria F. confronted Peter about her relationship with Chase and things get very, very awkward. Trust me, just watch this episode—it will be the best two hours of television you’ve ever seen.

Mykenna’s Facial Expressions

Mykenna has some of the best facial expressions I’ve ever seen, and it honestly made the show so much better. You could always count on her to have the funniest, best expressions on her face at any moment. During any rose ceremony, she was absolutely freaking out and her face said it all. During any dramatic catfight between two girls, her face exposed her shock or annoyance. Mykenna’s facial expressions have definitely been some of the highlights of the season.

As you can see, this season of The Bachelor has some real characters, and every week, the episodes get crazier and crazier. Each week is double the crying, double the fighting, and double the cattiness. The episodes do not disappoint. I am already on my couch eating popcorn and waiting for next Monday to arrive.


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