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With Halloween being over, it seems that the whole country has decided it’s time to move on to Christmas. Take the fall decor down, replace your pumpkin latte with a peppermint mocha, and get in the holiday spirit! It may be November, but it seems now is the time to begin celebrating, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as the next person. It’s my favorite holiday and favorite time of year. However, every year I feel the urge to rush right into the season immediately after the clock strikes midnight on November 1. It pushes the seasonal celebration of fall and Thanksgiving too quickly to an end, and while I love Christmas, that is something I really dislike about this time of year. This year, I’m trying to slow down and enjoy the present for what it is, rather than forcing myself to feel for a different holiday. 

What’s not to love about Thanksgiving? There’s comfort food, parades, football, and getting dressed up just to walk around your kitchen. What makes this holiday so great in my eyes is its simplicity. It doesn’t necessarily have any grand shopping to be done or fancy traditions. It’s simply a day to enjoy family, friends, and good food. Why wouldn’t we want to celebrate the one day a year everyone in the country has a simultaneous dinner party? This day always brings me happiness, knowing there’s not too much pressure for it to be some big ordeal. It’s simple, fun, and cozy.

I think people tending to want to jump right to Christmas is reflective of how we are so used to rushing onto the next thing in life, rather than trying to take the time to slow down and enjoy where we are right now. There’s beauty in the little things that make up Thanksgiving. There’s also beauty in waiting for the Christmas season to approach and the excitement that brings to life, rather than just skipping right to it. It allows you to enjoy the month of December more and cherish the time that brings, while also giving Thanksgiving and the end of fall the recognition they deserve.

Let’s appreciate the time of year we are in right now with Excitement to see family and friends that you haven’t seen in a while, the opportunity to eat good food, and wrapping up the amazing season of fall. Christmas will be here soon and our time to celebrate it will present itself, but there’s no need to rush to get there!

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Originally from Marshfield, Massachusetts, Caroline is a freshman in the College of Communication. For fun she enjoys trying out new coffee shops with friends, reading, going to spin class, and walking on the beach with her golden retriever Winnie.
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