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Why We All Like Julie and the Phantoms Even Though It’s a “Kids Show”

Julie and the Phantoms is Netflix’s latest hit. It follows Julie — a teenage girl whose mother recently passed away — as she rediscovers her love of music after 3 teenage boys (who are ghosts) appear in her garage. The boys were in a popular band in the 90s, but right before they were going to play the Orpheum and become mega famous, they ate sketchy hot dogs and tragically died. When the boys wind up in Julie’s garage in the present day, they try to figure out why they’re suddenly back. In the meantime, Julie and the boys team up to form a band: Julie and the Phantoms. Some people label this show as a “kids show” because of its humor, dialogue, and sometimes cheesy storyline. But you become extremely close to each character once you learn about their backstories and love for music. I mean, catchy music, ghosts, and cute boys? What more could you want?

Here are five reasons why we all like Julie and the Phantoms. And if you haven’t watched it yet, here are five reasons to watch the show.

The Boys

I’m not going to lie, the boys in this show are extremely cute. I don’t know if it’s because they’re from the 90s or because they’re quite literally rockstars, but all three of them just have a special place in my heart.

All three boys have very different personalities, which creates a really fun and entertaining dynamic between them. Alex, the drummer, is very sensitive and thoughtful, while Reggie, the base player, is very funny and carefree. And Luke, the guitarist and main singer, is very passionate and caring.

Their friendship is based on support, and they’re always there for each other, whether it’s when they’re dealing with ghost problems or when they’re playing on stage. It’s also nice to watch them finally be able to chase their dreams without any hot dogs getting in the way.

Julie and Luke’s Relationship 

At first, I was very skeptical of this relationship because Luke is a ghost and Julie is a “lifer” (what ghosts call the living). However, after watching how they interact both in conversation and in music, I fully support it. They bring out the best in each other, not to mention they sound amazing when they sing together. The chemistry between them on and off stage is very obvious, and it’s really interesting to see a relationship between them form as the show goes on. I am very intrigued to see where their relationship goes in the second season (if there is one), and I would like to see both of them grow and mature even more. Julie and Luke’s relationship is definitely a reason to watch this show.

Julie and Flynn’s Friendship 

I love this friendship. Flynn is a true best friend, and we would all be lucky to have her in our lives. Although she initially thinks Julie is insane for saying there are three cute ghosts in her garage, Flynn is incredibly understanding and supportive once she sees Julie and the boys play together. She hypes Julie up, she’s there for Julie when she’s sad about her mom, and she adds humor and fun to every situation.

I think Julie and Flynn’s friendship is one of the best things about this show. And since the show may have a younger audience, I think it’s really important for young viewers to see a healthy and strong friendship on screen. No matter how many bullies or boys try to come in their way, Julie and Flynn are always there for each other.

Alex and Willie’s Relationship 

Netflix has been very progressive in their shows and movies lately, and I was very pleasantly surprised when Alex revealed that he was gay in this show. Alex meets Willie, another ghost in Hollywood, who helps him deal with being a ghost and learning the rules of this new life.

Their relationship is very refreshing and cute, and I think it’s really important for young viewers to see gay couples in the shows they watch so they can see different dynamics represented.

Although we did not get to see much of their relationship in this season, I am hoping that we can see them develop even more in the next one. Also, did no one else recognize Willie from the Twilight movies?

The Music

The music in this show is fantastic. Even though the lyrics are a little cheesy sometimes, the actual instrumental music in this show is really good.

Since the boys are from a 90s band, they bring a little rock ‘n’ roll to Julie’s music, which is very pop and inspirational. In most of their performances, Julie opens by playing the piano and singing solo, and then the boys pop in (the crowd thinking they’re holograms) with a killer beat. All of the actors in this show are actually musicians in real life, and all of their individual music is amazing, too.

I did not expect to be so invested in this show, but the music and the performances really drew me in and kept my attention. I will admit, I know one or two of the songs by heart now (and I’m not ashamed).

Did I mention Kenny Ortega (AKA the director of High School Musical) produced this show? It starts to makes sense as to why Julie and the Phantoms is such a good show…doesn’t it? 

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