Why Vanessa Hudgens is the Queen of Halloween

If you don’t follow Vanessa Hudgens on Instagram, you’re missing out. Her Instagram has transformed into a dark and spooky one powered by Halloween. For the whole month of October, Vanessa Hudgens has dedicated her Instagram to black and white photographs. With the occasional picture of herself, she focused on posting Halloween memes, movies, and costumes.

Credit: Vanessa Hudgens' black and white Instagram theme 

Vanessa loves Halloween so much that she not only dedicated her Instagram to it but also joined FreeForm’s Halloween bash. This 31 nights of Halloween celebrated the famous Hocus Pocus movie’s 25th anniversary. Vanessa helped host while dressed in an all black and latex costume.

Credit: Vanessa at the Halloween Bash, via Instagram 

Known as a fashion queen outside of Halloween, Vanessa outdid herself with her costumes this year. Not only did she post throwbacks of previous years outfits (and yes, they were also amazing), but the posts of her 2018 costumes were breathtaking and original. Vanessa went as a spider queen in an all black lace dress with matching cape. She also dressed up as large Alice from Alice in Wonderland, fit with a toy dollhouse around her waist and all. And the best part is, she made it herself!

Credit: Vanessa's Spider Costume, via Instagram 

Undoubtedly the best part of these spooky posts are the memes. Vanessa referenced famous movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas (we love Jack Skellington) and Edward Scissorhands. But, my personal favorite was her Frankenstein meme: Yes, this is also how we feel about Halloween, and now we are crying that it is over.

Credit: Vanessa Hudgens via Instagram 


Even though Vanessa is beginning to introduce color back into her lovely Instagram, you are still able to appreciate the spooky magic her Halloween posts brought us. And don’t worry if you missed out, Vanessa Hudgens’ new Instagram is still worth a follow... even with colored posts. I mean it’s Vanessa Hudgens, she will always have good Instagrams, Halloween themed or not!


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