Why thredUP Will Be Your New Favorite Online Shopping Destination

I found thredUP a year ago and I haven't looked back since. It saves me money, has endless options, and allows me to have clothes that are not the same as everyone else. If you don’t know, thredUP is an online thrift store that is full of designer brands and has choices for everyone!


WHAT IS thredUP?

thredUP is the world’s largest online secondhand store that has clothes from stores like Free People and H&M and famous brands (that are usually $$$$) that are up to 90% off estimated retail. Each day, there are 15K new arrivals to the site including clothing, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. All items go through a 12-point inspection to make sure that what you are buying could look brand new. Also, the boxes are really cute.

Credit: thredUP

thredUP also does a lot of good for the world. On thredUP, you can be sent a bag that you then fill with clothes to be donated to a charity. You can also sell your clothing on the site and receive cash or credit. According to thredUP, it has “helped save 3.5 billion gallons of water” through recycling and reusing clothing. Making one piece of clothing requires seven hundred gallons of water. By buying something secondhand, you are saving that water for a better use. thredUP has also “saved shoppers more than forty million [dollars] compared to what they would spend buying new.”

The store also has goody boxes where a box full of clothes or accessories are sent to you and you only pay for what you want to keep. You can fill out a quiz and receive a custom box or pick an option like Tropical Getaway or Weekend Warrior where all the clothes revolve around one theme. This is a perfect option for someone who doesn’t want to go to the mall or doesn’t have the time.



Besides all of the environmentally friendly reasons, you should go to thredUP because it really is so cheap! And not cheap in a bad way where the material is bad or when the picture looks nothing like the product. You know that whatever you buy is trustworthy because the price would normally be higher — a lot higher. Also, thredUP always has coupons and promo codes going on — right now you can get 20% off your first order and free shipping on orders over $89.

Here are some options that I found when looking online (be warned – there are hundreds of pages):


A casual dress from Theory

Credit: thredUP

Retail: $335

thredUP price: $67


A long sleeve blouse from Free People

Credit: thredUP

Retail: $128

thredUP price: $20


 A sweater from Brandy Melville

Credit: thredUP

Retail: $36

thredUP price: $12


Even if you just bought those three things, you would save $400.

I know it might be a little scary to buy things secondhand, especially online, but it really is worth it. I have bought several sweaters from BP and Mossimo and dresses from Lush and Almost Famous. I have saved almost two hundred dollars while using thredUP and I have only just begun.

Using thredUP saves money, saves time, and saves the environment. So, are there any reasons for you to not shop at thredUP? I can’t think of any. Also, isn’t it exciting when you get a package delivered to you?


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