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Why is reading the news SO important? Everyone is a victim to this question at some point in their lives, and honestly, it’s natural. No one tells you why the news important; they tell you to just read. Allow me to explain why reading the news is important, and hopefully, after this article, you’ll read it yourself.

1. The news keeps you informed. 

This is the most important reason why you should read the news. By understanding the news, you are informed on what is happening in the world, the state, or even just the community. In Boston publications, like The Boston Globe, issues that range from the war in the Middle East to the increase in T prices are covered. It’s a whole mixture of information that is all equally beneficial to keeping you involved in the community.  

2. You are a more involved citizen within your community. 

The first point leads to this one: be involved. Reading this information and comprehending it allows you to become a more involved citizen. Now, you aren’t questioning why people are protesting at City Hall . . . you’re actually joining in. You understand what’s happening and you are using your constitutional right to fight for what is right. Awareness has that power, and reading the news makes you more aware.

3. It allows you to spread your knowledge.

Illiteracy is a growing epidemic in the United States, and by reading the news, you have the power to help combat that issue by teaching others about critical news that is happening every day. It’s your civic duty to help others in your community to be aware. So if reading the news helps you become more aware, you can spread that knowledge to others. After all, spreading your knowledge makes for a more conscious community which is what the news wants to create, right?

4. The news keeps you up-to-date on projects that could impact you. 

Let’s go back to the example of the T’s price changes on tickets. Understanding how they are setting the price for it, how it will impact you, and when it will be in place is crucial to being prepared for that change. Reading the news, about something like T prices, can help you get those pieces of information, so you are ready for what will happen to your community with all your research.  

5. You’ll begin to realize the wide-scale impact of specific issues.

By reading the news every day or just a couple times a week, you will see a pattern in the news. How things happen, what they affect, and what that means for you. Understanding that pattern will help you gauge what will happen in the future for that industry. For example, with the hike in T prices, more individuals won’t use the T, even though it will be one of the city’s quickest forms of transportation. So that means this issue will impact transportation, local economies, and low-income communities. The development of that connection will only begin once you start reading the news regularly and realize it’s importance!

The news is one of the few things you will always need, no matter how young or old you are. Awareness is key to social change, and the news provides you with that. In a political age where your beliefs will continuously be challenged, it’s important to keep track of what’s happening in your community. So, read the news every week. Be aware of what’s happening in your community so you can help those that aren’t or don’t even know where to begin.


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I'm Kirthana Iyer, and I go by Kir as well! I am super fascinated by investigative reporting but I also have a soft spot for a simple listicle. At Boston University, I am a Journalism major with a concentration in International Relations. Since high school, I have had a passion for writing whether it be an argumentative essay or an article on the next Senior class event, so I wanted to find a way to do that in college. HerCampus provides me with that outlet. I am able to write about issues that an everyday teen deals with to pieces about our current political climate. 
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