Why Raising Dion Should be Your Next Netflix Binge

Netflix just released its new original series Raising Dion, a sci-fi show about a single mom raising her son who happens to have special powers. Not gonna lie, the main reason I decided to watch this show was because of the lead actors Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther, Fruitvale Station, and Creed) and Alisha Wainwright (Shadowhunters). But there was so much more that made the show amazing.

Photo Credit: Netflix

One of the best parts of the show is how it interweaves science fiction elements with real world issues. The show follows Dion, a young boy, as he learns to use powers he acquired from his father. However, the show also covers the real-world issues Dion and his mom, Nicole, encounter along the way. The most memorable scene in the show is when Dion gets into trouble at school and is threatened with suspension while a white student didn’t receive any punishment for the same behavior. The scene, while incorporating Dion’s powers, was mainly about the racism present in the world, specifically in school discipline. Nicole then has to teach Dion about racism in the world. It was interesting to see reality so well incorporated into fiction.

The special effects were amazing. Every time that Dion used his powers it was incredible. Dion could teleport, use telekinesis, and create lights. It always looked so interesting and realistic.

Photo Credit: Netflix

Lastly, the writing and acting were superb. It was so easy to get invested in the show. The story was well-developed with a good amount of suspense and twists. I just couldn’t stop watching. I loved the mixture of drama and comedy that kept the show lighthearted but suspenseful.

I also want to highlight how amazing the character Esperanza is. She has so much sass and is so resilient. She kept a happy mood even though she was bullied and ignored. She is just an amazing character that needs to be protected at all costs!

If you’re looking for your next binge, I definitely recommend Raising Dion. You won’t regret it!


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