Why Netflix's Sex Education is a Must Watch

Sex Education is a United Kingdom-based new show on Netflix. The main character, Otis, is the classic awkward, post-pubescent boy going through high school. What makes Otis different is that his mother is a sex therapist. Yes, you heard me right, she is a therapist for people and couples who have issues surrounding sexual intercourse. Thus, Otis decides to put his knowledge of sex therapy to work at his high school. Surrounded by teenagers who are discovering sex for the first time, this is the perfect place to educate others on what he has learned from his mother. This light-hearted advice quickly turns into a serious business opportunity where students make appointments and pay Otis to help them with their sexual frustrations.

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First and foremost, this show was surprisingly educational. Similarly to the way Big Mouth leaves nothing unsaid, Sex Education drags their content over every boundary line imaginable. This show taught me about marijuana's effects on sexual performance, the emotional side of intercourse and a lot about coming into your sexuality. These serious topics are explained and exhibited by awkward teenagers who are both sweet and very relatable. It surprised me how many new things I learned and relearned when stated by someone in a way I understood rather than in a high school health class.

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If the educational aspect isn’t enticing enough, the cast is filled with both diverse and well-scripted characters. Otis’ best friend is not only Afro-European but also gay. We get to see the struggles of him coming into his sexuality by cross-dressing whilst having a very religious family. Otis’ business partner, Maeve, is the typical alternative outcast, except she has an intricate background that led to supporting herself while finishing her high school education. Besides the main characters, Otis’ clients are also very diverse. Coming from many different backgrounds, we see cases about lesbian couples, revenge porn and even people who like to cosplay during sex.

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The program creator and director worked hard to create lines that were both funny and snarky while also creating beautiful shots. Scenery changes include shots of Otis’ home, school and the foliage between. These beautiful shots of the rolling hills of Wales make the show that much better. I can’t even begin to gush about the color palette. The whole show has soft golden and blue undertones. This color pattern creates a soft and homey feel to the show that coincides perfectly with the characters.


Sex Education is a must-watch for all ages. With a great cast fit into amazing and diverse characters, enticing dialogue and a beautiful directing job, there isn’t much more you can ask for. With the addition of the characters' lovely accents, it may be one of my favorite Netflix originals thus far.


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