Why Iced Coffee Is So Much Better Than Hot Coffee

With so many different ways to order your coffee, it can be a bit overwhelming when deciding what to order. Besides the size of the coffee, deciding between hot or iced coffee is the most basic—and important—choice. Deciding between hot or iced coffee mainly depends on one’s mood but keep reading to find out why I think iced coffee is so much better.

1. You can drink it as soon as it's ready. 

Having to wait until hot coffee cools down before drinking it is frustrating. With iced coffee, you can drink it as soon as it’s ready. Being able to drink your iced coffee as soon as it’s ready saves you so much time.

2. You can drink it on the go. 

Credits: Aldi

As college students, we’re always on the go. Since drinking hot coffee while walking can be somewhat dangerous—with the risk of having hot fluids spill all over you—you can’t always drink it on the go. With iced coffee, you don’t have to worry about spilling hot fluids all over yourself while walking. You could also drink iced coffee a lot faster since it is a cold beverage (and the straw helps too).

3. It doesn't burn your tongue. 

Credits: Over Caffeinated

I’m sure we’ve all gotten our tongues burned while drinking hot coffee. Those small sips you take when checking to see if it has cooled down yet have probably burned your taste buds off at some point. With iced coffee, you never have to worry about burning off your taste buds; you could drink it as soon as it’s ready and not have to worry about a thing.

4. Because watered down iced coffee is still better than cold hot coffee. 

Credit: Jrink

Sometimes we wait a little too long when waiting for our hot coffee to cool down that it just gets too cold to drink. When a hot coffee gets cold, it’s basically undrinkable. When you let an iced coffee sit for too long, your watered down iced coffee isn’t as flavorful, but it’s still drinkable. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather drink a watered down iced coffee than a cold hot coffee.

5. Cold beverages are just most refreshing.

Credits: Ecooe

Most beverages taste better cold: cold water, cold soda, cold lemonade, etc. One sip of cold iced coffee is so much more refreshing than an entire cup of hot coffee. Something about cold beverages just tastes so refreshing, especially on a hot day.

Overall, iced coffee is so much better than hot coffee in every single way. It isn’t a coincidence that iced coffee is so much more popular than hot coffee. Drinking your coffee iced is the most convenient and tastiest way to drink it. If you’re still drinking your coffee hot, try giving iced coffee a chance; you won’t go back.


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