Why the Holiday Season is THE BEST

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s my favorite time of the year. Whatever holiday you celebrate, this time of year is filled with joy and love. I personally celebrate Christmas, which is my favorite holiday.

There are many reasons I love the holiday season, and here are some of the absolute best things about this time of year:

1. The Festivities

Happy Christmas GIF

There are so many fun, festive activities during this time of year! There are the personal activities, like baking cookies or decorating your house, as well as festivities out on the town like Christmas tree lightings, ice skating, and Christmas-themed events. I have already been to multiple tree lightings and Christmas markets this month, and I plan to go to so many more.

2. The Decorations

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Christmas GIF by HULU

I think the holiday season is so special because it is not only adorned with extra happiness in the air, but there are actually decorations adorning the streets and houses. From sparkling lights to festive wreaths and to o reindeer on the lawn, cities literally ooze holiday cheer. Whenever I am down or stressed during this time of year, I go outside and go for a walk just to look at the decorations and I am immediately happier.

3. The Clothes

Santa Claus Christmas GIF

The holiday attire is amazing. From festive, sparkly dresses to ugly yet adorable Christmas sweaters, holiday attire is one of the small things in life that I live for. I currently own a snowman sweater, too many Christmas-themed socks, and dresses that I will only wear during this time of year – which are all sparkly. On Christmas Eve, my sisters and I always dress to impress and take many photos in front of our Christmas tree.

4. The Festive Food

Will Ferrell Elf GIF

Cookies, hot chocolate, candy canes, peppermint-flavored everything, and Christmas dinner: the list goes on and on! During the holiday season, my stomach expands as I, like Santa Claus himself, consume my weight in cookies. Like animals preparing for hibernation, my body prepares to eat a plethora of festive treats with no plan of slowing down.

5. Christmas Music

Justin Bieber Point GIF

If you’re like me, you slowly begin to listen to Christmas tunes in July. When Thanksgiving ends, the Christmas cannons in my heart go off. Throughout the month of December, the only thing I listen to is my carefully curated playlist of holiday tunes, and all I sing are said holiday tunes. My personal favorite holiday listen is “Last Christmas” by Wham!.

6. Holiday Movies

Love Actually Christmas GIF

I LIVE for holiday movies. My personal favorites include Love Actually, Home Alone, and Elf. I guarantee that you will always find me watching these movies during this season, with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand and fuzzy socks on my feet. The added holiday flare in these movies contributes to my Christmas obsession.

7. Tradition

Happy Lilo And Stitch GIF

I feel as if there is an added sprinkle of love and joy in the air during the holiday season. For me, some of my best memories with my friends and family are during this time of year. I love going on holiday excursions with my friends to Christmas-themed events, or simply decorating my house with my family. Every year, I have a Christmas dinner with my immediate family on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, I attend an all day Christmas celebration with my extended family. Since I live so far away from my family, this is the time of year my whole family from all over the country come together to celebrate and forget we were ever apart. It is something I truly look forward to every year.

If you can’t tell already, I absolutely love the holiday season. It truly makes me happy. From the lights to family gatherings, love and happiness are present during this time of year. Whatever you celebrate during this time of year, I wish you Happy Holidays!

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