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Why Halloween Doesn’t Have to Be Cancelled This Year

We all know what Halloween used to look like: claustrophobia in haunted houses and lines, wearing costumes on Comm Ave or even in class with friends, crowding the streets of Salem, and multiple weekends spent at spooky-themed parties with 100 of your closest strangers.

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Many, if not all, of these events are impossible to do this year without violating social distancing. College students have accepted this with disappointment, and lots of them have declared that Halloween is “cancelled” until 2021.

Our generation has an infatuation with cancel culture, and that is our weapon of choice for the death of Halloween celebrations the way we once knew them. However, just because celebrations have to look differently than in previous years does not equate to them being altogether nonexistent or “cancelled.”

This mentality is driven by the association of Halloween with partying and partying only, which comes from forgetting other things that make this time of year so special. Halloween is more than just parties and crowded streets; it is ghost stories, scary movies, dressing up in costumes (even if it’s just for yourself), eating candy, and turning fear into fun. 

Photo by Jenny K. from Pexels

Although “Halloweekend” will no doubt be different, there is no reason you cannot take it upon yourself to get in the spirit of the season. Grab a friend or two from your (hopefully small circle) and do something to enjoy it! Whether that be dressing up (Pinterest has some amazing ideas!), going on a socially distanced ghost tour, having a Netflix Party scary movie night, or simply eating lots of candy––I hope you don’t miss out. 

Halloween 2020, like life, is going to be whatever you make of it and there’s no reason to not make the most of it. It is still possible, even in 2020, to find joy this October!

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Ava is a pre-law senior at Boston University studying English with a minor in history. She loves traveling, drinking excessive amounts of hot chocolate, creative writing, and skydiving. You can find her on instagram @avazing !
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