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Why Every Girl Should Support Feminism

Most people have the wrong idea as to what feminism actually is. To make everyone clear, here is the definition:

To say you’re “against feminism” means you believe men to be more superior than women which is supporting a patriarchy... like come on its 2015. Some men still feel like they own the place (please sit down) and think women have specific roles they need to play in society. Feminism advocates for women to do whatever the heck they wanna do, and to do it loud and proud as well!

Girls, feminism is all about supporting your equality in the world. It’s about getting the same respect as men. It’s about holding the same amount of top positions as men. It’s about getting equal pay. It’s about having more women express interest in science and math fields. The world needs more ambitious women to come forth and change society. It’s as simple as that! Yet there are the nonbelievers that say feminists are “man haters and bra burners” which is completely inaccurate. 

Lots of celebs are promoting their feminist beliefs as well. Beyoncé, Emma Watson, Amy Poehler and more believe us girls deserve to feel powerful without feeling unworthy or ashamed about it. I’m not telling you how to live your life, I’m just saying: feminism is for everyone because equality is for everyone.


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