Where to Take Your Friends When They Visit You at BU

It’s finally that time of year again when the holiday season is upon us, which means that friends from home are coming back for Thanksgiving and winter break. Here’s a list of some amazing places to take your friends when they come to visit you at BU before going home.

  1. 1. Agganis Arena to Cheer for BU Hockey

    We take hockey incredibly seriously here at BU. Whether it be against Northeastern (ew), Cornell (more ew), or Boston College (even more ew), our fans go hard. From passionate cheers to the amazing BU pep band, hockey games are a must for friends visiting BU. They can meet Rhett, see Sasquatch on the big screen, or even spy the famous baby with headphones who always graces us with their presence at the games. So head on over to the BU bookstore, buy them a festive school shirt, and bring them to a game for high spirits and endless fun.

  2. 2. Newbury Street to Shop 'Til You Drop

    Newbury Street is heaven––endless stores, restaurants, sights, and people. You could spend a whole day on Newbury Street and never get tired of it. Go to breakfast at Trident Booksellers & Cafe for some amazing food and good books, shop at Newbury Comics for some pop-culture apparel, get lunch at Joe’s American Bar & Grill, shop even more at Anthropologie or Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters, get dinner at Cafeteria Boston for some good old American comfort food, and finally get some gelato and macarons at Amorino Boston. It’ll be a day you and your friends will never forget.

  3. 3. Boston Public Garden for Amazing Sights

    The Boston Public Garden looks beautiful in every season, but there is something so magical about it during the holidays. Bare branches covered in leaves or snow, the sky lit up by twinkling building lights, and happy people enjoying the season. This is an amazing place to bring friends just to take a stroll, or to venture over to the Boston Commons and find the Freedom Trail. And be sure to find the Good Will Hunting bench to find where Robin Williams and Matt Damon once sat.

  4. 4. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum for Beautiful Pics

    If you want a place where you can take beautiful pictures and get in for free as a student, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is the place to go. The museum looks more like a gorgeous exotic destination than a museum. Explore the amazing garden, take in the grand collection of art, or enjoy music from an orchestra. Also, research the history of who the museum was named after––Isabella Stewart Gardner was quite an amazing woman. (Fun fact: If your name is Isabella/Isabelle, you can get in for free like me! :))

  5. 5. North End for Delicious Dinner and Dessert

    And finally, your friends can end their visit to Boston in one of the best areas of the city: the North End. The North End has an endless amount of amazing food––among the best, in my opinion, is Regina Pizzeria and Modern Pastry (yes, I think Modern is better than Mike’s). Take your friends there for dinner and dessert they’ll never forget. You also can’t beat those views of the city at night.

There are obviously thousands more places to bring your friends when they come to visit you at BU, but these places are among the best and most magical. There is no end to the amazing places to visit in such a beautiful city like Boston.

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