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What It’s Like to Go Out in Cold Weather


As much as we try to deny it, winter is rapidly approaching. Subzero temperatures and shorter days accompany seasonal depression. You still want to go out, but it’s so damn cold. Your friends won’t take no for an answer, and you face the tundra for a night out in Allston. This is how it happens: 

When your friends want you to go out in Allston this weekend, but it’s freezing 

You’d much rather: 


But you decide to brave the blizzard conditions anyway for a night out with the girls: 

 And you immediately regret it: 

All your friends try to play it off, like they’re not all freezing: 

 You finally reach your destination, but still have to wait outside: 

 You finally get in and immediately start sweating from all of the body heat: 

You have so much fun that you forget it’s cold out. Until you have to walk home: 

You make it home and put on sweats and bundle yourself in blankets: 

And promise yourself you’ll never do that again. Until next weekend. 


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