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Arden Grant, a current sophomore at Boston University majoring in Advertising, is a transfer student from her previous school, Tulane. Making the decision to transfer was easy, but the process of transferring wasn’t as simple. Here’s what she had to say about her experience being a transfer student at BU.

Q: Why did you decide to transfer to BU?

A: I transferred because I didn’t feel like Tulane was my place, and I didn’t really fit in with the vibe there. I knew pretty early on that it wasn’t right for me and that I wanted to transfer.

Q: What was the process of transferring like?

A: It was definitely stressful, especially because I did it midway through the year. It was a lot of paperwork, resubmitting test scores, and filling out the common application. But it was worth it.


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Q: What extra classes/requirements do you have as a transfer student at BU?

A: Because I transferred before the fall of 2020, I’m not on the HUB. So I have to do the normal requirements, but I also have to do a CAS specialization for my major. There’s just a lot more general requirements, and they’re kind of annoying.

Q: Has being a transfer student impacted your experience at BU in any way?

A: It definitely has. I had a much different experience than the normal BU student, but since I transferred halfway through the year and rushed and got in a sorority, it wasn’t super difficult because I met people pretty quickly. But I still feel like I hardly know anyone because of Covid-19 and everything.

Q: Are you glad you transferred to BU? Why?

A: Yes. I am so glad I transferred. It was the best decision I ever made. I love being in the city, and everyone at BU is so friendly and open to meeting people. It’s just a much better vibe and better school for me.

Q: Any advice for students who are also considering transferring to a different school?

A: I would say go with your gut because a lot of people will try and tell you to stick it out and see if anything changes. But if you have the feeling and know it’s most likely not going to change and it just feels wrong, definitely do what makes you happy and transfer. It was definitely the right decision for me. A lot of people told me to wait it out and stick around, but I’m so happy I listened to myself and decided to go with what I felt was right.

Arden is now thriving at BU as a graphic designer and photographer for The BU Buzz, the Pinterest head for Her Campus BU, and a member of the Music Business Club!

Moral of the story: listen to your heart and go with your gut!

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