What It’s Like To Have A Southern Mother

Christmas is not so far away anymore. People are piling into planes, trains, and cars to head home for the holidays and everyone is so unbelievably excited to see their families. Moms are some of the people that we miss the most, especially during this time of year. Your mom is your rock, and she sure is special, but we Southerners know just what it’s like to have a Southern mama to come home to. It’s a totally different experience than most, but we love our mamas to death. Ask any Southerner and they’ll be ready to spill on just what makes our special breed of mothers so…. special. ;)

Southern moms are different in that they can't be subdued, when they haven’t seen their babies in a long time, there’s no holding these women back. 

You know you’ve got a Southern mom if she never stopped saying “Bless your heart”

She’s definitely got some recipe or another that they will guard with their whole heart

She’s probably threatened to “smack you upside the head” at least once, even though you know she wouldn’t do it. 

They love their bling and sparkle

They adore their pets and “critters”

You could hear the laugh of a Southern mother from a mile away 

They couldn’t possible live without their hairspray, beautiful hair is big hair. 

She was never scared to “march right down to your school” if she thought there was a problem

Whenever you would travel she would bring 92107409128323 suitcases with her

They will support you completely, no matter what 

If you told her there was someone bullying you

Because Southern mothers fiercely have your back, no matter what 

And they’ll always be in your heart no matter how far away you go.

So all your Southerners going home for the holidays, thank your mom for everything she does, because she did it all, and loved every minute of it.