What To Do With Your Last Days of Summer

Not ready to say goodbye to the summer? Me either! As a native Californian, the summer living is integral to my lifestyle. However, a Boston summer is more beautiful than anything I have ever seen. 

With the warm sun and a clear view of the Prudential while walking down Commonwealth Avenue, this city has loads to offer. 

So, in honor of this spectacular city I get to call home for a couple of months in the year, I have created a list of what you must do in your last days of summer.

  1. 1. Walk to the Boston Public Garden and Boston Common.

    This might seem like a long walk, but in this beautiful weather, it is totally worth it. You can actually see the transition from city to greenery and it’s a must-see in Boston! Besides, the next time you will even be able to do that walk is in May, so go ahead and take it!

  2. 2. Window shop from Newbury all the way to the Prudential.

    One of the hardest goodbyes of summer is the one to the beautiful seasonal displays of clothing in stores. From Anthropologie to TJMaxx, see those silky dresses and skirts one last time before they go. Take your friends and make a day out of it! It’ll be fun—plus who knows, maybe you’ll find something great.

  3. 3. Get out to Seaport and see the shining Boston Harbor.

    I didn’t go until this year but wow, Seaport is absolutely stunning! You can see the reflection in the Harbor and there are so many street performers, artists, and music playing wherever you go. It’s one of those places you will remember and be glad you went.

  4. 4. Sit near the Esplanade and watch a pretty summer sunset.

    I still have not gotten around to this one, but I have watched a Boston summer sunset. Let me just say this: no. filter. needed. It is a sight before the cold winter ahead. Embrace the beauty of it with some friends and a small dinner.

  5. 5. Head down to Amarino’s for a quick gelato fix on a hot summer day!

    Well, this one is a MUST-DO. By far one of my favorite gelato places and one of the best places to go in the summer. The variety of flavors and the cooling feeling of gelato makes this a hot spot for the summer. Go before time runs out!

  6. 6. Go to a farmer’s market and get some fresh fruit!

    Going to a farmer’s market when the weather is nice and everyone is out is an incredible experience. You get to see the life of this historic city and see the people who make it so beautiful.

I’m sure there are so many more things you can do, but for me, these are the must-dos to end your summer. The fall is coming so get in your last moments of summer with some fun!


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