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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

By Laurel Green

This past weekend was filled with countless events in Boston. If you happened to check your Facebook event feed, you could see the overwhelming amount of activities available to anyone who would like to go. From pulling an “all-nighter” at the Musem of Fine Arts (MFA) to rocking out to free music on the Esplanade or wandering around the local Food Fest, Boston was the place to be.  

For those of you who missed it, the MFA can’t stop and won’t stop. On Saturday, September 17, the museum stayed open all night for the launch of #mfaNOW, a series of events to celebrate contemporary art and artists. It was the chance to experience Night at the Museum in real life. People entered after hours and stayed for the exclusive first glances of artists Frances Stark and Terry Winters work as well as the additional events all over the museum. Do you love lawn games, food trucks and dancing? How about lectures, demonstrations, and performances?  Do you enjoy early Sunday morning yoga with a nice cup of coffee while surrounded by famous art? Then it looks like #mfaNOW is the place for you.  Bummed you missed it? Have no fear there are still three more events of the series. The next one up is on October 14 starting at 9 p.m. with the theme College Edition.

On the contrary, if you value your nights for sleep, Mixfest would have been the place for you. Free concert on the Esplanade. Enough said, we’re already there! This was the chance to grab your friends bring a blanket and enjoy the sun and the views—while listening to great live music of course! The radio station, 104.1, puts on the yearly free concert at the Hatch Memorial Shell for anyone and everyone to come. Ring in the new year by hanging out with college kids from all over Boston. Make some new friends and create some great memories to start the year off strong. Big names such as OneRepublic, Ingrid Michaelson and Shaggy all preformed mid day on Saturday. Even if you didn’t attend, you could probably hear the music from downtown Boston or anywhere near Beacon Hill. If you missed out on this awesome opportunity the bright side is Mixfest is held yearly. Mark your calendars in advance and start looking forward to some free music.

There’s nothing better than after a high energy Saturday to roam around your local farmer’s market on a cool Sunday morning. Only on Sunday the 18th, the Rose Kennedy Greenway hosted the Local Boston Food Fest. This event featured local food growers, restaurants, and startups that prioritize the use of local New England resources. The options ranged anywhere from delicious ice cream, drinking out of a pineapple, or fully prepared meals from catering restaurants. Eat your day away while you play fun lawn games, make post cards using fruits and veggies as stamps, and taking a spin of the carousel. Grab a local cold brew coffee or walk into a transportable growing system with neon lights. Learn about the real struggles faced with the idea of sustainability in Boston while enjoying the benefits of becoming eco- friendly. The beauty of the festival was that it doesn’t have to stop that Sunday, all the vendors were Boston born and are here to stay. Visit them any day of the week you would like.

Wow, wow, wow Boston was buzzing over the weekend. Be sure not to miss out of what could be amazing memories. Next week Boston will have some wonderful opportunities such as: TEDxCambridge on September 29th featuring six speakers, two performances, and an exhibition; Salem Food Truck festival over October 1st and 2nd where 25 food trucks will be featured in the heart of Salem if you want a mini get away; right here at BU, the Boston University Dance Theater Group will be preforming on September 30th; and finally on September 30th the Museum of Science is hosting College Night for FREE. That’s all for now! Get out and explore more Boston!



Sophomore studying Communication Studies and Sociology at Boston University. When not frolicking around campus she can be found at Yogawroks or a cute coffee shop around Boston with her camera (except on Thursday nights which are dedicated to Shonda Rhimes.)
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