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Ways to Get Involved on Campus

One of the greatest things about going to a big university is the wide range of ways to get involved on campus. Boston University offers over 500 student groups, all famously “partially funded by your undergraduate student fee.” Since you’re paying for it anyway, why not take advantage of what BU has to offer by joining a club?
Although I have joined many clubs throughout my time at BU, I do understand the worries that students have. Many people I know express interests in clubs, but worry about whether they will still enjoy it a few months from now. The way that I think about joining a club is that if I join it and don’t like it, I’ll move on to something else. Going to a meeting to see if you like the club members or enjoy what the club activities does not commit yourself to being stuck in a club for the rest of your time here! So, why not give it a try?
If you’re someone who loves to write, there are plenty of opportunities to hone your craft at BU. I remember that during my freshman year I didn’t realize the wealth of publications that were available to me. For print publications, there’s the Freep and the Buzz. You can apply for writing p
ositions with the BU Quad, an online magazine that features everything from articles on politics to review of last week’s Glee episode. Currently, the Quad is looking for Staff Writers, Copy Editors, and Photographers. You can easily fill out an application by going to http://buquad.com/about/work-for-us/.
Finally, what kind of writer would I be if I didn’t point out another great venue for writing… HerCampus BU! If you want to get involved, email BU’s Campus Correspondents Shelby ([email protected]) and Ashley ([email protected]).

Now perhaps writing is just not you’re style and you’remore into competition and sports. BU has a very unique sports team on Campus, Boston University Quidditch. Although the Quidditch Team has been competing throughout the year, they state on their website that they are continuing to look for new players, as well as students interested in being the “Snitch” or a referee. Check out their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/BUQuidditch.
For even more information on clubs at BU, check out the “You Do” website at www.bu.edu/youdo

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