Veronica Mars Should Be Your Next Binge-Watch and Here’s Why

Veronica Mars has everything you need in a show: mysterious deaths, love triangles, and a snarky main character! 

The show stars Kristen Bell who is an outcast in the preppy, seaside town of Neptune, California. But with the help of her private investigator father, she works to expose the corruption of the rich and famous. 

Veronica Mars first aired in 2004 and lasted three seasons (which was not enough). While watching the show, you feel nostalgic because everything the characters are wearing and saying are so 2000's (let’s just say there are a lot of long sleeve shirts under t-shirts situations). 

Besides the outfits, I love this show for so many reasons. First, the characters are brilliant. Veronica Mars is my favorite because she has her snarky/sarcastic side but she will also protect the ones she loves fiercely. She has also endured a lot of trauma in her life (her best friend was murdered, her mom abandoned her, and she was sexually assaulted) but her trauma does not become her defining characteristic, it simply adds to her character. 

Veronica’s father, Keith, is also amazing because he loves his daughter unconditionally. A lot of time in teen dramas the parents are absent from their children’s lives and given little air time. In this show, Keith is very protective of his daughter and very involved in her life.

After the characters and the outfits, one of the most important pieces to this show is the mystery. Each season deals with a new mystery that is the backdrop of the whole season. Throughout the show, there are new cases that Veronica solves which always lead to the best part: when Veronica catches the bad guy (or girl) and delivers an amazing one-liner! 

I enjoy TV shows that have a mysterious side to it but I especially appreciate Veronica Mars for the way it portrays mystery. The endings are not predictable but they also make sense and are logical. In some shows, you might yell at the characters for doing something stupid (like going to the basement in the dark without their phone) but because Veronica Mars is so smart, you will not have to yell — save that for Riverdale

As Veronica Mars is a teen drama, there must be teen things involed. If there is one thing I know about teen dramas, it is that there must be ship-worthy romances involved. And believe me, there is. I will not spoil who the other half of the romance is but I will tell you that Veronica and her suitor are incredible, perfect for each other, and must not be harmed. 

While Veronica Mars only lasted three seasons, it made a lasting impact on everyone who watched it. That is why it got its own movie and its own Hulu REVIVAL coming soon! While waiting for the revival, you can catch all the amazingness that is Veronica Mars on Hulu today. 

Long live Veronica Mars! 


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