Understanding Consent—Not Yes, Means No

As the school year is starting again, I think it is time we freshen up on the meaning of consent. The most important thing to understand is that consent is a fully aware, affirmative “yes.” If it isn’t that, it’s not consent.

Photo Credit: Emma Moneuse

Sex is full of gray areas; it can be awkward, amazing, intimate, fun and empowering. Before sex can be any of those, though, it must be CONSENTUAL. Moments of intimacy can be a rollercoaster of emotions. To keep them all positive, continuously inform and ask your partner if what you are doing or intending on doing is okay. It may be hard to do in the moment, but it will make you both much more comfortable in the long run. We must demand respect for our bodies and in return respect the bodies and minds of others.

Photo Credit: Emma Moneuse

Action without consent can leave a person feeling empty, and confused to say the very least. Just because they said one thing or did another, it does not mean they want to take it any further than that. The only way to find out is to continuously ask for their consent. Sometimes it can be hard, but also don’t be afraid to say “no.” We live in a crazy world; let’s work hard together to keep the good things in life good. If someone has made you feel uncomfortable by acting without your full permission, don’t be afraid to talk to someone. You deserve to enjoy your sex life. Don’t take advantage of others and be sure to practice consent.

Photo Credit: Medium

Sex is complicated, consent is not. If it is not a yes, then that means no. Know your boundaries, respect each other, and make the bedroom a safe place.

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