Travel Bucket List: 9 Must Visit Places in America

Traveling is something I have grown to love as I have gotten older and the list of places I want to visit keeps growing also. There are so many places to see and things to do it’s hard to make a list of it all, but here are nine of the places I hope to visit in America:

1. Shark Dive in Oahu: Hawaii

Photo Credit: Hawaii Activities

Anyone who knows me knows that my number one travel bucket list place in America is Hawaii. I want to visit Hawaii so bad, I would do just about anything. Specifically, I would love to shark dive in Hawaii. But I also want to cliff dive in Hawaii, surf in Hawaii, eat in Hawaii, etc. Basically, I want to live in Hawaii. You can find shark diving on Oahu’s North Shore.

2. Mendenhall Ice Caves: Alaska

Photo Credit: The Higher Learning

I’ve always been a fan of winter weather; therefore, it is natural for me to have Alaska on my bucket list. But I think everyone should see the Mendenhall Ice Caves; the pictures are gorgeous and with temperatures increasing, the glacier is retreating. The picturesque landscape of the glacier makes it look heavenly, and who knows, maybe you will even see the northern lights while visiting?

3. Space Needle: Washington

Being a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, I feel obligated to find myself at the top of Seattle’s Space Needle at one point in my life. I’m a huge fan of cities, and anywhere there is an observation deck that overlooks a whole city, I want to be at the top of it.

4. Multnomah Falls: Oregon

Photo Credit: Modern Hiker

Nature is beautiful. There are so many sites that show just how beautiful nature truly is, and Multnomah Falls is the most beautiful site I’ve ever seen. This place is like no other, and I think everyone should find their way to this spectacular waterfall eventually. It is 611 feet tall and is the basis for the Native American myth that the waterfall was created for a princess who wanted to bathe hidden from her tribe.

5. Neon Boneyard: Nevada

Photo Credit: Makezine

Here we come Las Vegas, Nevada!!!! While hitting up the casinos and the nightlife on the Vegas trip, try taking a detour to the Neon Boneyard, a museum filled with photo opportunities and a history lesson on Vegas or the creator of each art piece. Honestly, this place just looks like one of the coolest places in America and I hope I get to visit one day.

6. Willis Tower Glass Platform: Illinois

Photo Credit: Atlas Obscura 

Another observation deck and city on the list, this time it is the Willis Tower Glass Platform in Chicago, Illinois. Standing at 1,353 feet high and extended 4.3 feet from the skyscraper, this one is not for the faint of heart.   

7. Fireflies in the Great Smokey Mountain: Tennessee

Photo Credit: Reserve Gatlinburg

When I was younger, my favorite memories of summer were when my cousins and I would rush outside at the sight of the first firefly in order to catch them all. Fireflies are also the only insects that don’t scare me to death because of how pretty their glow is.

8. The Witch House of Salem: Massachusetts

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

The Witch House of Salem, built in 1692, is the home to the witch trials of 1692 where 19 were hung after accusations of witch craft. I have always found the history of Salem to be intriguing and want to get there during October to see all the Halloween festivities they have!

9. Little Vincent’s Pizza, Huntington, New York 

Photo Credit: Yelp

Tucked away in Huntington Village on Long Island is a small, cash only, open till 3 am on the weekends, pizza joint: Little Vincent’s. Little Vincent’s is everyone's go-to pizza place after a night in or a night out. This one is only on my bucket list for other people to see, when I’m home, I’m at Little Vincent’s all the time, so I have definitely checked this off my bucket list multiple times. If you ever have a chance to go, order one of their cold cheese slices, it is the best pizza you will ever have. 

There is so much to see out in the world and I think sometimes we forget just how big the world is outside of our small city of Boston. Don’t forget to open your mind up to the endless possibilities there are around us! Always keep traveling!

Cover photo credit: Messiah Hales Corners


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