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Top Moments of 2013 for Boston

As another year comes to a close and we approach the New Year’s celebration that will ensue, it is important to reflect on the action-packed year 2013 has been for Boston. Although there were some tough moments, Bostonians had some wicked awesome moments as well this past year. Here are some of the most memorable moments in Boston during 2013.
Winter Storm Nemo
Boston students and residents around the city embraced their inner eskimos in February when Storm Nemo swam its way into New England. For those students who did not hibernate in their dorms to stay warm, some of the most epic snowball fights ensued. 
Late Night MBTA Service
MBTA sprung excellent news on Boston night owls, announcing that it will extend its services until 3am on the weekends. No more expensive cab rides!
The Red Sox Won the 2013 World Series
Bostonians celebrated as the Red Sox brought in the title of being 2013 World Series Champions. The festivities continued during the Red Sox victory parade, when players rode Duck Boats down the streets of Boston. 
Street Pianos
Boston was lucky enough to have Play Me, I’m Yours place 75 free-to-play pianos decorated by local artists placed around the city. These pianos were placed around the city celebrate the 75th anniversary season of the Celebrity Series of Boston.
Newly Renovated New England Aquarium 
The $17.8 million renovation to the New England Aquarium was finally finished in June. The renovations were done to the aquarium’s beloved centerpiece exhibit, the Giant Ocean Tank. This ten-month-long project helped make this tank all the more impressive, and it is no wonder it is considered one of the most stellar aquatic exhibits in the world. 
Boston Was (and Remains) Boston Strong
Although the city endured the atrocities of the Boston Marathon Bombings, Bostonians came together and proved the resilience, strength, and love that is so abundant here. We witnessed the altruism of runners who ran to the hospitals to donate blood to those injured, the bravery of the Boston Police, and the undying-appreciation of this city we love so dearly. 
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