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Top Instagram Accounts All Disney Lovers Need to Follow

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy living vicariously through other peoples’ lives. I follow several people who do photography at Disney or are professional princesses. I can’t afford to go to Disney very often, so I get to experience the magic via their photos. I’ve even had the pleasure of speaking with some of these account owners and they are so beyond lovely! Hopefully, you’ll enjoy getting to know them and seeing their magical photos too! 

1. @thedrpepperprincess

The Dr. Pepper princess, Dayna, is the sweetest person ever! She interacts with her followers constantly and will respond to DMs right away. I’ve spoken to her several times this way. She does many incredible things, such as acting in musicals, being a professional princess for children’s parties, and singing at Disney! She’s incredibly talented and such a goofball—I love her!

2. @disneylifestylers

While I haven’t had the pleasure of speaking to the owner of this account, the content they post is a must-see for any Disney lover. They update their feed with new Disney merchandise from both the parks and other stores that carry it! You can find cute gift ideas for your friends, or things you may want for yourself.

3. @joannalynnbert

Joanna is another actress and princess party performer. She has an incredible, unique voice and works with photographers on stunning photoshoots. I’ve interacted with her a few times, and she’s been super sweet! Joanna was actually the first princess-impersonator that I followed, so her account holds a special spot in my heart.

4. @in_motion_lulu

This account has beautiful pictures of the parks, the parades, and the performers! It’s truly one of the best accounts to scroll through if you want to pretend you’re at Disney. They also have some great videos alongside their photography, and those provide even more of an interactive experience!

5. @lily_on_the_moon

Ophélie, from Paris, has similar Instagram’s to the ones seen in #1 and #3, though she focuses more on photography and cosplay. She does a wide array of characters, though I find many of her photos are Disney-related! She also has super cute makeup and wigs, so if you’re into beauty, her page is fun to explore for that reason as well!

I don’t really follow a lot of Instagram accounts, so these are certainly beautiful pages and what I consider to be some of my favorites. If you’re not particularly into Disney, you may just enjoy these pages for the sole purpose of meeting some very amazing and inspiring people! 


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Francesca is currently studying human physiology in the beautiful city of Boston. She loves to curl up with a good book or watch a Disney movie any chance she gets.